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  1. @REDDERS Thanks a bunch! Oh, and one more thing please. I saw that family can benefit from the citizenship but I didn't see an inclusion of parents. . There was spouse, children but no parent. Would my mommy benefit too?
  2. Hullo! Can I participate in the investment program to purchase a home while I am in Turkey to benefit from citizenship through investment program? I am curious if it works while on an RP.
  3. Turns out I never thought there could be 3 options. I only thought of the latter. Do you know which one would be less of a hassle?
  4. Hi, it's me again! I have another question to ask, please. Thanks in advance. I have at least 2 computer monitors, clothes, makeup, hair products, and books. I think that's it. I read in the import forum that it is a cacophony of paperwork, drama and if I'm not mistaken, (whispers: bribery) to get your stuff sorted. Can anyone give me a 2018-19 update, please? I don't want to leave my books behind. Thanks! PS: is it true that imported makeup is banned, or is it just the ones with a bad chemical?
  5. Do I need to have my criminal record mailed to Turkey, or is it very possible that I can do it while I'm in my country then take it with me?
  6. Yes! I read your wife's post here and it was maybe 2 years ago. Wonderful! I like a sense of security as I'm on the paranoid side and still can't understand why I can't dress like a knight of olden age with swords and stuff and a really tall horse. I'm all alone :-( I'll lose my sanity if I do not get a sense of protection (they did warn about burglary), hence a gated community. I love the current prices of the TL- USD and stuff. Thank you! I'll keep everyone posted, as well as periodically asking all manner of questions, silly or nay. Haha.
  7. Hullo! Thanks for the link to the Seferihisar municipality. I love the place. It's tomb quiet, which is the best! ......but my mom's not keen about being so close to the sea, so it was abort mission...only for weekends. Well, I was kinda wondering if anyone knows about the reputation of Folk Art Life/ Bornova Izmir gated community. ? Thanks.
  8. Brilliant! Seferihisar sounds like a place that I would love. I was won over by laid back, natural and faster into town. Thank you so so very much for your input! I'm going to research on whether it has a site or not. I would fly over the moon if it does. Thanks for the PR info as well.
  9. Thanks for the info! I found it very valuable especially on Çeşme and the park. Oh, yes the restaurants. I can hardly cook so the inexpensiveness of the restaurants are a plus. They have some nice communities there(Çeşme). I made a nice list of where to go and stuff like that! Yay! Anyways. I wanted to ask a really important question on the topic of PR. I wanted to be a nomad originally, but I decided I wanted somewhere to call home occasionally. Can I still travel to several countries, while on a PR, or am I going to be stuck in Turkey?
  10. Oooooo!!!! I'm skipping from left foot to right foot. This is a concise and detailed answer. I like this very much, because when answers aren't detailed I worry about the stuff missing. Anyways, I decided to rent indeed, because I am so young and going to school. Rent is better, though I initially wanted somewhere to store my mighty book collection. If I leave them at my family's home in Jamaica, my father is going to kill them. I'll cry all the way from Turkey. I see so many pretty places in Turkey, that I am salivating. I'd love to live everywhere. Muğla, Fethiye, Alanya..... I'm too greedy. But besides that this guy advised a woman on another forum that she should live in a gated community (Izmir) because she's renting as a single woman. I'm pretty schizophrenic about safety, soo..but $200 for rent?! In my country, that's hardly able to purchase a week's worth of grocery. I hope stuff don't inflate by next year. I get all these economists insisting that Turkey will be a Dubai or whatever. This is a long message, but I like talking. I have so many fears and no one to talk to :-poor me. PS: I choose Izmir because they said it's very liberal and people do not care how you dress. Oh yes! I'll spend weekends in those beautiful places for introverts. I have never experienced winter in all my life. Thank you! I find you very very informative. Yaaaaaaayyy!!!!!!!!
  11. Will it be relatively okay if I did my transactions there, without seeing the property? How does it work? Do I save the apartment that I like, or do I pay there? Thank you.
  12. I love Izmir! Well, based on the recommendations given before. I was thinking there, but was indecisive, even though I find Antalya to be a bit....well, can't find the best summarizing words, but I owe you a big thank you for the help.
  13. Thank you so much for the answer, plus the warm welcome. I was fascinated by the inexpensiveness of the country. I thought about it, and the city (sigh) would be the hub for stuff like tai chi. I have been learning Turkish for a while, but would definitely need classes as I get nervous saying the words outside my head. Do you have any leads on finding great apartments?
  14. Hello, everyone!!!! I'm new here and I am super excited for answers to a burning topic. I am a 20 year old female from Jamaica, who is thinking about living in Turkey with my mother in tow. I really want to know where would be the most safest for two women. I want to: 1. Purchase a villa on a cost of about 100,000 to 250,000 USD . 2. Somewhere quiet. A place where an introvert can flourish 3. A town with a stable internet service(even if I have to purchase an internet package) as I work online. 4. Where they have activities like yoga and Tai chi. (I do not mind travelling for it). 5. Where can I get a respected, secured Uber service to transport me. I heard that the best thing to do would be to rent an apartment first. Should I follow this advice? √ lastly, is $5000 USD a month salary enough to live a comfortable life as the locals do, and will I be granted a permanent residency with that amount?
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