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  1. Hi all, I'm moving to Turkey next month after securing a really good job in Denizli. My partner and I are planning on moving in together, and he's been searching for apartments for the past two months, if not longer, for us. He's a student at university, but my job will more than enough pay all of our expenses and allow us to live more than comfortably. That is, if we can even manage to find an apartment. My partner has called countless of apartments by now, and they seem interested in us until they ask him about his nationality. The owners of every apartment have been fine with me being American, but as soon as they hear that my boyfriend is Syrian, they either a) tell us that they do not rent to foreigners; b) tell us that they will inquire further about our request and just never call us back; or c) get mad at my partner for a reason I don't even comprehend. To say that we're frustrated and disheartened is a huge understatement. My partner feels awful and refuses to call another apartment. I've contacted people at the school where I will be teaching for assistance, but they have yet to respond and I'm moving in just a few week's time. At this point, I really don't know what to do and I'm posting here to see if there's any advice anybody could offer. Thank you.
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