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  1. Djawhar Kalkan

    Dual citizenship military info.

    Oh wow that's really helpful! Thank you very much I really appreciate your help and kindness.
  2. Djawhar Kalkan

    Dual citizenship military info.

    Hello Dear Meral, First of all, I want to thank you for everything you have done I really appreciate it, about the questions above, I am not working because I am registered as a student and I am not studying because they stopped me from studying, since I am a foreigner I am not allowed to study in any of the government universities, they wanted me to pay a big amount of money that why I plan to move to Turkey and study. I got my Turkish Nationality from my father in 2012 I think by application. I got my Chadian Nationality from my mom by birth. About my TC & Kimlik number, I don't think it's a good idea, the reason I am saying that is they might see that I should be going too military as soon as possible while I want to finish my education first it's a priority for me. I am really thankful for everything you have done, my sincere gratitude.
  3. Djawhar Kalkan

    Dual citizenship military info.

    Thank you very much, I really really do appreciate it.
  4. Djawhar Kalkan

    Dual citizenship military info.

    I have a dual citizenship Chadian and Turkish nationality I live in Saudi Arabia as Chadian not Turkish because I got my Turkish citizenship 5 years ago only by application and yeah the embassy recognize me as a Turkish but not the Saudi Arabia government. I am born and raised here in Saudi Arabia and registered as Chadian. Iqama is a work permit here is more info about it. I live in Saudi Arabia as a student not allowed to work plus I am under my father iqama (work permit); to apply for military service I need to have my own work permit, which means I need to be dependent from my father and not a student, based on that I can't apply for military service. I want to go to Turkey and study there but my family refused due to military, believing that I am going to be taken to military as soon as I land to any Turkish airport. So I want to know if I go to Turkey now am I going to be taken from the airport? Would Turkish military take me even though my Turkish language is Zero? If I enter Turkey as a Chadian would they stop me ? If I enter Turkey as a Chadian and apply for a university as Turkish am I going to have problem with the government? To study in Turkey as Turkish is way beneficial for me than Chadian due to our financial situation Thanks in advance!
  5. Djawhar Kalkan

    Dual citizenship military info.

    Hello, I am 25 years old. My Turkish is zero. I have a dual citizenship I live in Saudi Arabia as a Chadian citizen, and my sponsor is my father. My father took me to the Turkish consulate, they said I am not qualified to apply because I am not out of my father iqama (resident ship), and also I heard I cannot apply unless I live in Saudi Arabia as a Turkish citizen not Chadian also I plan to come to Turkey to apply and study, but I am afraid I am going to have a problem with military. Please can someone help me with this? Thank you in advance.