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  1. Can you please explain the 1st point more explicitly. I mean to say if someone has completed his/her studies here in Turkey. Can he/she apply based on that? Secondly, what is the point distribution for the Turquoise card? How many points are for language, how many points are for qualification etc. Thirdly what is the application processing time? How long does it take completely to get the Turquoise card?
  2. I have a question regarding the Turquoise card. Can a foreign student (who has completed his/her degree here in Turkey) apply for the Turquoise card? I have found following links regarding the Turquoise card but none give any information about Foreign students who have completed their studies in Turkey. Link1 Link2 Link3
  3. Friends, I have a question regarding Turkish citizenship. If someone who is living in Turkey on student residence permit for more than 5 years. Can he/she apply for Turkish citizenship or not?
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