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  1. You are a lovely lady Angela (your names suits you). I sincerely hope he contacts me as well or at the very least that I find out what happened. May you be blessed as well. Hey maybe i should take a trip to Kas and find out what I can myself? I've been to Turkey but only spent a week there. All the best to you Angela. Diane
  2. That's lovely. I've heard something similar but not so succinctly put. It's been almost two years since I last heard from him. As I said we were planning to meet up in Toronto when he renewed his passport. Last think I heard he was making plans to do so but was thinking of stopping back in Kas to see what the situation was like there. I just wish I knew what happened to him. He was a lovely man and I was looking forward to seeing him again. Perhaps he was in my life for a reason. For sure he helped me considerably with his wisdom and support as I was going thru a difficult time. I've
  3. No I haven't found him yet. I appreciate the information you gave me but I know that he didn't work in the UK. He is American by birth but adopted Canada after the Vietnam war. His job was delivering boats to different parts of the world. I, unfortunately, think that something drastic happened to him. He was planning on meeting me back in Toronto when he returned to renew his passport.....never heard from him again.
  4. Thank you very much for the information. I'll check it out. Diane
  5. His work was delivering boats and/or seeing if they were seaworthy. Last I heard from him he was testing out a boat in Italy and was just about finished doing so. He said he might stop back in Kas before coming to Toronto just to see how things were there. This was in the fall of 2016. Haven't heard from him since. We had planned to meet up and renew our friendship.
  6. yes he lived in Kas...had an apartment I believe because he said he could see the refugees crossing the water from his balcony. I believe he helped out at a bird sanctuary as well.
  7. Does anybody know a Dave Martin? I've been trying to locate him for the last year. We were corresponding and suddenly there were no more emails. I have no way to contact him and somehow I fear the worst. If anybody can tell me what happened I'd appreciate it. Diane
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