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  1. I hope everything is going okay for everyone.

    I have some questions about turkish domestic cell phone. If I buy a basic domestic phone, do I still need a residence permit or just a passport is enough? Another one is if I buy one, can I buy a prepaid sim card and a prepaid plan and pop up whenever needed? For this case, is 120 days rule still applied?


  2. Hi everyone, I hope everything is going well with all of you.

    My wife and I are applying the short term residence permit for the first time application soon and have some questions.

    I was informed we needed applying separately even the appointment for interview. Is that right?

    Do we need to prepare all the documents two separate sets? I understand the most of documents needed separately such as application form, passport, photo, heath insurance and etc., but how about the rental contract, marriage certificate, or bank information. I am confused.

    And one more thing, according to the old post named “residence permit procedure (Antalya 2015)”, we also need to show them our birth certificates. Is that really need it? Isn’t that enough with only marriage certificate?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  3. Hello all,

    I haven't moved in Turkey yet but wondering if the opening internet service for residential is easy or not. Do I need a residence permit or utility bills for the new account? If then, which one need first, residence permit or utility bills? Some say I need a residence permit to open an utility account and others say the other way. Little bit confused. Many thanks.

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