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  1. Hi Louise MarieSorry I'm so late in replying to your post. I've had a little time out, so I am not up to date with your story, but I wish you lots of luck with your appeal.Not everyone who goes to appeal has representation. I know of people who have represented themselves and been successful. Judges don't expect fancy legal argument -they just want more information, so they can make a judgement call.I have even known of occasions when the Home Office didn't even turn up - which didn't go down well with the judge.You may be given the opportunity to present more information before the hearing
  2. So sorry to read your story. It's good to hear you being so strong - it's surprising how many girls and women are prepared to believe very elaborate stories, even when they know in their hearts that they're being deceived.It's not unheard of for whole families to collude with a story, if they think it will bring in money. The wife does not always have a choice about whether to play along and be passed off as the ex wife or even the sister.By comparison to some stories I've witnessed, you've actually had a relatively lucky escape, even if it doesn't seem that way now.totally agree with what o
  3. Sirin


    I don't mind being Yenge to my Turkish family, but I'm not sure I like it when we're on holiday and the waiters call me it. I know they're being respectful, but I sometimes feel I lose my identity in my own right after a while. If people are going to call my husband Ozkan Bey, I'd rather have my name too than just be 'my brother's wife' to someone I don't even know.I know there's no harm meant, but it touches a nerve sometimes.But ironically, in church I like being called sister. Most people do use my name, and 'sister' is dropped in like you might sometimes say 'canim' or honey. But I als
  4. Some bases do relax the rule on mobile phones after the initial 10 weeks, or turn a blind eye to the fact that someone has sneaked one in. My ex took his sim card in until he could get his turn - and in the meantime could get to the public phones most nights.But we should be honest and say that even if there is a queue for the public phones in the base, when they start getting time off at the weekends, they are usually allowed into town and can use phones and the internet cafe.Of course they have to contact family in this time and will probably also want the support of friends. But 3 months
  5. Hi NooraHas this mostly been during Ramazan, or was it before as well? During Ramazan, a lot of people sleep late if they don't have to get up, and stay up late during the hours that they can eat. After Ramazan, they may return to more normal hours?There's also the heat during the day.I'm not sure if I'd be able to adapt to it either, but I can see why some people adjust their body clocks like that.
  6. Hi ChicaI'm a little late adding to your thread, as I just got back from Turkey (to Uk) last week, and have been settling back home and catching up.I'm a relative newly wed to some of the others here - I've been married to my Turkish hubby for 5 years.Giving you my take on 'Turkish Culture' would probably take ages, and probably be useless to you. In the end, you make your own culture in a relationship. To what degree it's influenced by Turkey and to what degree it's influenced by your American / Spanish culture will depend on the little decisions you make on a daily basis together. If you h
  7. Hi atayvieDo you know about kissing the hand of an older relative and putting it to your forehead? It's a sign of respect. She may possibly then go for a kiss on either cheek.Occasionally, the other person may pull their hand away and just go for the cheek kissing, to show that they don't need you to be so formal - but only after having offered the hand first.... so it can be a bit of a test!!I'm sure she'd be charmed by the traditional greeting. Your boyfriend will probably have done it first, so you can just copy.In the end though - just be yourself. It's your boyfriend's job to support
  8. Those who actually live in Turkey will be more expert than me - but I think keeping a bit of distance is the right thing to do. It's not right to generalise about 'people in Turkey', and some of these men might genuinely just be friendly - however, things can get misinterpreted, especially as it will be noted that you're travelling alone. Even in a touristic area, it's still a different culture than you or I are used to.Part of the problem for female tourists in Turkey is that we sometimes get trapped by our own politeness. It's actually a bit rude of them to shout at you in the street, and
  9. Hi MarosWelcome to the forum. I would echo what the others have said - it's highly unlikely that her parents are going to allow any gossip about their daughter, so allowing a foreign man they haven't met to stay at the apartment with her is probably not going to happen.However, depending on how liberal minded they are, you may find that if you stay with them for a while, and some respect develops, they may decide to turn a blind eye to the situation. Then again, they may not - as Turkish society is very conservative in some places / families.Does she have a sibling or a relative who might be
  10. SnowballI'm glad that this process of talking and hearing other opinions is helping you out. I've never been in a relationship with a married man, but I have spent a lot of time in Turkey, had a boyfriend who at times could be difficult - and then when I ended that, have ended up married to a lovely Turkish man.Based on those experiences, I can understand you enjoying his company and wanting to make sense of what he wants from you. I can understand that you would hope that he has some feelings for you, to have spent this time with you. I can also partly understand how you can say he is a 'nic
  11. Hi snowballLike the others, I'm finding your post a little confusing. You question whether his intentions towards you are to scam you. Scamming implies conning, trying to obtain something dishonestly, trying to extract money. Even though this is not uncommon behaviour from men throughout the world who work in resorts, I can't see why you would think that this is the case here.I would therefore suspect that your concern comes from wanting to be reassured that if there is no scam, he must have feelings for you.However, and again like the others I am not wanting to be unkind, even if he is not
  12. Sirin

    Real Divorce?

    Hi CatouWelcome to the forum.to add to Abi's advice, it may also be worth you knowing that he needs this divorce more than you! If you divorce in Canada, you need never have the divorce recognised in Turkey, unless you should want to marry in Turkey or marry another Turkish man. He on the other hand will need the Turkish courts to recognise the divorce before he can remarry.But for you - you can sort out a divorce in Canada and remarry legally in Canada. Depending on what you feel is right for you / what kind of terms you parted on, you don't actually need to do anything for him unless you
  13. Hi Tansyblossom

    when youre on the 'home' page, select Forum to get to our messageboards. If you can't see 'Add topic' in the top right, try instead to reply to a topic and it should prompt you to join. Or there's a register button at the top of the page. If you're still having problems, let me know !

    Hope to see you on there, Jan

  14. Hi Sirin..please can you tell me how to sign up to Turkishlove?..I am trying but cannot do it? Thank you..I have such a story to unload!

  15. I don't have any knowledge on this - just wanted to say good luck. Terrible situation for you. I wonder if a lawyer can advise if there is any way of at least getting a temporary injunction on the property to stop it being sold while there is a dispute?Have you thought of checking on the estate agent / property lettings sites to see if it's there?Hope you can sort it out.
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