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  1. Hi Tansyblossom

    when youre on the 'home' page, select Forum to get to our messageboards. If you can't see 'Add topic' in the top right, try instead to reply to a topic and it should prompt you to join. Or there's a register button at the top of the page. If you're still having problems, let me know !

    Hope to see you on there, Jan

  2. Hi Sirin..please can you tell me how to sign up to Turkishlove?..I am trying but cannot do it? Thank you..I have such a story to unload!

  3. Hubby and I have a wedding to attend in July in Izmit, so we thought we'd fly in to Izmir rather than Istanbul, so that we can combine the wedding with a holiday. Looking at the resorts in the area, Cesme seems more 'us' than Kusadasi or Izmir itself, but as ever it's very hard to see from a map whether it's best to stay in town or right on the beach. So, I'm after a bit of advice from my Turkey Central buddies! Last year we went all out posh and stayed in a 5 star complex in Alanya - but found we didn't enjoy being so far out of the town, and not as friendly as other places we've stayed. Some of the boutique hotels look gorgeous, but we like a pool which not all of them will have. A villa rent or apartment would be nice, but most are already taken as we need to go mid July. The wedding will cost us a fortune, so we're looking for mid price (much as I'd love to stay at the Kervanseray!!!). What do you think? Which area is nicest to stay in? Is there much difference between Cesme and Alacati? Would you stay in the middle of things or in a beach hotel?? Is there some little gem in a quiet street but near to facilities??
  4. Hi Sirin I also had a question about your forum. I was able to sign up alrıght but now I can't see a link to start a topic to give a greeting. And Samantha I think the birthday format was xx/xx/xxxx (?) if I am not mistaken.

  5. Thanks for the PM, I sent a follow up, though I'm not sure it sent.

  6. Hi there. I'm wondering, how did a Christian end up in Turkey? And marrying a muslim guy no less?

  7. hi sirin how are you. hope your well. just tried to PM you but you cant recieve messages :S I have just tried signing up to your website but I cant work out what format the birthday should be. Can you let me know please. love Sam xxx

  8. Has anyone here been to Uludag? I'm a beginner, and hubby has never skiied before - I fancy the idea of a trip to Uludag........ anyone been?
  9. Sirin

    17 August 1999

    Apparently my mother in law said they couldn't get out of their beds or they'd have been thrown across the room - they just stayed in their beds and prayed as the apartment block swayed from side to side. Hard to imagine really.
  10. Thanks Angela - we've stayed in Side a couple of times. We were thinking of trying somewhere different this time, and others have said Antalya / Alanya were nice. If we do end up back at Side, I'll certainly look at the hotels you've mentioned.
  11. Just thought I'd bring it to notice that today is the anniversary of the earthquake in Kocaeli, Izmit. 1000 people died. My husband is from the Kocaeli area. I don't think there's a way to embed videos here, but if you have a minute - take a look at this clip
  12. I need some help from those of you who know the Antalya area! We're flying over to see the family in Gebze for a week from 10 September, and then the plan is to fly down to Antalya for a week on our own. We've only ever spent day trips in Alanya / Antalya, while staying in Side or Kas, but we like the look of the area and we're thinking that the season is still lively there in September. So, if you had the choice, which area would you stay in? Oz likes a big pool to swim in, preferably with the option of going to the beach from the hotel too. If it wasn't for this, I would be tempted by a pansiyon. It's just the two of us, so we don't need child facilities. We're not really fans of remote hotels - we'd prefer to stay in an area where we can walk out and try local restaurants and tea gardens. We sometimes go for all inclusive if it's a good deal, but we don't like to miss out on good local food. We don't require All Day English Breakfasts! So please, any ideas very welcome. As we're booking so late, I don't know if we'll get in at the very popular places - but it would be helpful to know which direction to look in.
  13. Sirin

    Divorce ?

    LouUnless you have the intention of remarrying in Turkey or to another Turkish man, you need only divorce in England. Your husband however may need a Turkish divorce in future if he wants to remarry. A Turkish divorce can take far longer than an English one, as the courts are not obligated to agree after such a short marriage and separation. If I were you, I would initiate it in England. I don't know too much about divorce, but if you brought the 'petition' on the grounds of (say) unreasonable behaviour and stated the reasons, it's up to him whether he wants to contest it and try to disprove what you've said. He probably won't, as he won't want to pay for a lawyer.
  14. SooYou've already had my congratulations, lol !! I'm gutted that we can't be there for the wedding. I didn't know you were marrying in the amphitheatre - how lovely. Handy for the hospital if you stand on his foot too hard.
  15. If you've evidence of being together 6 years, it shouldn't matter how long you wait after marrying to submit your application. Provide information from throughout your relationship, including evidence of your contact, any emails / letters / cards / photos / msn conversations...... Often it's the financial part of the application that proves difficult, as you have to show that you can support yourselves. Best of luck!
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