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  1. Hi, Just an update. I've had an email from the Consulate saying my Kimlik has been processed. When I left the consulate before, the woman said I would have to collect it so I am assuming that I need to make an appointment to do so. My appointment is on 20th July so hopefully will come home with my new kimlik!! I realised in my earlier message that I said about the right paperwork but didn't say what I took! I took 4 biometric standard photos (must be 50mm x 50mm with face to be 30mm x 20mm), uk passport and photocopy, uk driving licence and photocopy, Kimlik and photocopy, marriage book and photocopy, council tax bill for proof of address and photocopy. Not sure if I actually needed it all but better safe than sorry! And lastly, money. It MUST be in CASH or they will send you away. I will let you know after the 20th how it went
  2. Hi, I recently told my husband that we must divorce in court in Turkey because of the name change issue. He has sinse come back to me and said Turkey have just changed the law which now says that the woman keeps the surname in the divorce. I'm getting very confused over it all. My ex isn't the most trustworthy of people either which makes things worse.
  3. Hi Haycet, My Turkish isn't overly fluent so whenever I've needed I formation I have always found it easier to write an email to the Turkish Consulate in London. They have always answered quite quickly with the relevant information I have asked for. You've not lost anything by asking them :)
  4. Hi, I got my citizenship in London several years ago and didn't need to have a medical back then though it may be different now. I also had my interview in the Consulate in London.
  5. I tried to get it done while I was in Turkey as I thought it would be easier and quicker but they said it had to be done in the country i reside in so it had to be the UK and yes it was in the consulate in London (Rutland Gardens). Not sure if I need an appointment to collect it but hoping the email they send will tell me what I need to do to. It was actually easier than I expected thankfully. The only thing I would say is that they were sending a lot of people away as they didn't have the right paperwork, photos etc or the money in cash. As soon as I get the email I will let you guys know
  6. Hey, so finally made it to my appointment this morning. Not as bad as i expected! I took photocopies of my Kimlik, passport, full birth certifucate, drivers licence, marry book and proof of address along with 8 photographs and all the original documents too. ++ Be aware though that the photos need to be 50mm x 50mm with a head size of 30mm x 20mm with a white background. I ordered mine online from Persofoto and they were perfect as you can order specifically for Turkish ID. Anyways, was given a ticket and a counter number and had to wait to be seen. When it was my turn I just handed everything over and was told I had brought all that was need though people around me were being sent away for not bring the right items. I paid £9.00 then was asked to sign some forms and told to place my two index fingers together on a glass plate fingerprint scanner then paid another £6.50 (they only accept CASH) I was given an envelope with my PIN in it and a form to prove I had applied for the card. That was it! The down side is I have to go back to collect it. They said they would notify me via email when it would be ready. I have no idea if I need to make another appointment to collect it, pay any more money, or what the PIN is for bit today was quite painless!!! X
  7. Your absolutely right. However you can only replace your card in your country of residence :(. According to an "updated consular fees" email the charge has gone up to £50. I will let you know what happens on Friday
  8. Hi, Just a quick update. I have my appointment at the consulate for 8th of June and have been told to bring biometric photos, passport, proof of address, original Kimlik and fee which I believe to be around £45. Note: The photos have to be a different size to UK passport photos (bigger). As soon as I've been I will update as to what happened in case anyone else wants the information as well
  9. Thank you Ceren, I guess he will have to wait for my next trip. Do we need to go to court in the place we married or can it be anywhere? Also, I know it's a difficult question but have you any idea how much a lawyer and to go to court would cost?? Thank you for being so helpful X
  10. Thank you for getting back to me. He asked me to give vekâletname to his friend before and I refused saying I was very happy to go before the judge in Turkey as I go at least twice a year. If the papers need to be signed in court he will have to wait for my next trip. Do I need an avukat or can i do it myself even though my Turkish is very limited? I'm sorry for all the questions but he changes his mind constantly about what is needed so I am completely lost as to what to do.
  11. Hi Ceren, Thank you for getting back to me. My accountancy degree and diplomas are all in my married name so it would really affect me if I lost my married surname. I also can't really see how me keeping it would hurt him in any way. We are not even in the same country at the moment and when I move back to Turkey we will be hundreds of miles apart. He is having the divorce papers sent to me in UK to sign. How can i add to them that I want to keep my married surname?? Sorry for all the questions but I'm really worried about this. Thank you
  12. Hi Ken, That's the way I saw it. Take everything I can think of and hope it's enough! I have no idea what the difference is between normal photos and biometric ones. I ordered a set from online to use with my biometric uk passport so I would think it would be ok to use the same ones if they're the right size. Thanks again for all your help
  13. Hi Ken, Thanks for getting back to me I have sent a couple of emails and used the contact form on the consulate website but haven't had a response. (Maybe I've just not left it long enough) I live a long way from London so it's going to be really difficult (and expensive to travel peak time on the train) to go to the Consulate only to find I've made the wrong type of appointment or not brought something I should have with me. I am wary of phoning them as my Turkish is very limited and I would really struggle to get across what I wanted. I'm having an issue with my divorce too so wanted to get my biometric card before the divorce went through. (Assuming I wouldn't have to change it again after the divorce??) Sorry for all the questions. I'm really starting to panic about it all.
  14. Hey everyone, I am dual national and am about to change my Kimlik to the new biometric one. I attempted to change it while in Turkey for a visit but you have to apply in the country you are resident. Does anyone know the process of applying in Turkish Consulate London? Do I need an appointment and what do I need to take?? Thanks in advance!!
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