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  1. Yes the message was sent while I was in front of the PTT man, from E Devlet. He gave me a long number to input once I went on the Turkey.gov.tr site plus the texted code number he sent from E Devlet. I think up until recently your sim supplier would do all this for a fee. Now it’s PTT and the fee is 2tl
  2. Ha, my phone is working but I don’t know if I have done everything correctly. I had a message from e devlet and followed the instructions. I put my Kimlik number in, I don’t have a clue what my GSM is though. I will just wait and see what happens. Thanks Ken, it’s good to know you are out there!
  3. Went to Vergi with my phone, paid fee to have it opened, was sent to Turkcell by the lady to complete the process. Turkcell sent me to PPT big language problem there, young man shouted in my face and through my phone and passport at me. What am I actually doing with my phone?
  4. When renting what documents are required from the landlord for the ikamet office

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      HiJanet, this depends as to whether your enquiry is for applications in Istanbul or anywhere else in Turkey.
      For RP  applicants in Istanbul,the Landlords Tapu [a copy will suffice] This will require stamping [ tapu aktif kaydif ] at the Tapu office, to prove the landlord is still the legal owner of the property &  a ‘belediyeder numarataj’  obtained from the Belediye offices .

      For all other provinces....a copy of landlords tapu ....[ if over 2yrs since issue it needs a stamp  or a tapu kayitli form ] from your Tapu office to prove he is still the legal registered owner.

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