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  1. Oh thats a good thing to know thank you, in my next visit inchallah i will make sure i go somewhere different. For Marrakech it is really a very nice city with hot weather and there r so many places to go, tourists love it, i also recommand Chefchouen it is a very unique city as well.
  2. I’ve been once to Istanbul but not much of single guys n they dont really take the first step!! Thank you for ur statement , ur welcome anytime!!
  3. Hello guys, im a 21 years old student and im from Morocco, i really like turkish men and i am so in love of turkish language, i find it really interesting beside the culture n customs. I like turkish men because they r modern n at the same time they hold on to their culture. Please tell me where can i meet a nice turkish guy knowing that im in a different country?!
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