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  1. Hi ! You can always start a conversation asking him about his hobbies or something he really love to do. It will make him think that you are into him. Keep the conversation going. As I read your posts I feel that he really likes you . Because he won’t be sending you messages if he’s not interested. Don’t overthink. If it feels right then it might be it
  2. Hi ! I have a turkish boyfriend and we planned that I will be the one to visit him this August 2018. My problem is getting a tourist visa. I am a Filipina by the way. Anyone else here had the same situation that might be able to give me some advice of getting a visa ? Thank you. You can email me here [email protected] ...and by the way, what is Certificate of Employment in turkish? My boyfriend can’t totally understand this document. I am trying to explain it is istihdam belgesi? Am I right? Thank you.
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