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  1. Hi Ken, one last question.... can you tell me the bank you are using? I will be doing what you have suggested, opening two accounts, one in AUD and one in TL, transferring money from Australia to the AUD account using TransferWise. Can you tell me the documents that are required to open an account? I take your point about buying when people sell, thus driving the price is down, and usually share your attitude. Naturally, picking the bottom is difficult and a low value - whether it is of apples or currencies - may be the start of an ongoing and even steeper decline, rather than a good entry point (I would have kicked myself for buying Venezuelan Bolivars a year ago!) but generally I agree with your principle. Many thanks, Andrew
  2. Hi Ken, this is Andrew writing from Talya's account (from which I also posted my question), Thank you very much for your reply and the information. It's really well-expressed and written. I'm in pretty much the same position as you and have the same way of thinking. As always, there are really only three main types of investment - cash, property and shares - all of them carrying risks and/or poor returns at the moment, so unfortunately it's a case of which is the least worst. Really appreciate your explanations and suggestions, thanks! Andrew
  3. Hi all. I'm thinking of moving to Turkey and wondered if you have any personal experience with deposits in Turkish banks. The interest rate on deposits I was quoted is so high that it seems incredible to me, but if it is reliable I would think about this option. So I'd like to get some information from someone who has made a similar investment. Can you give me any pointers, or do you know someone who can? Thanks in advance!
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