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  1. Thanks Tilki, will give it a try. Our local office said I just need to inform the Turkish Consulate of my new address and current application and they will take over . . Fingers crossed, eh?! Cheers :0)
  2. Many thanks Tilki - I’m just not sure if I have complicated matters by starting the process here! My husband is off to our local office on Monday to see if he can find out what happens next. Cheers :0)
  3. Hi all Any advice will be greatly appreciated, please! I have been married to my Turkish husband for 14 years, we got married in Turkey, lived in London for 10 years and we have been living in Turkey for the last 4 years with our UK born sons who have dual nationality. I began applying for citizenship a few months ago, I have submitted the paperwork, the police have been to our home and I have been to the station to have fingerprints taken etc. I am awaiting my interview and there has been no mention of requiring a medical yet. For personal reasons we have sadly & unexpectedly found ourselves having to move back to the UK in a few weeks time (at least for the next few years). Has anyone else done this halfway through the citizenship process? Can I continue the application and either have an interview in London or return here for it? And does anyone know if a medical is definitely required as it will obviously be much cheaper to get it done here before we go back, I just don’t know what I am asking the doctor for or if there is somewhere specific I need to have it done. I REALLY want to get my citizenship sorted so I can live in either country with no problem like my husband and sons. Any advice would be great, thanks all :0)
  4. Haycet

    Adana Revival

    I’m in Adana too :0)
  5. Great - I have checked my front page and the appointment is there! Hope your card turns up soon! Thanks for the info Ken, very helpful :0))
  6. Thanks so much Ken - I have just managed to complete the form (I did cancel and start again) and get an appointment. It is for next Wednesday & I hope when I print the application form out I will get the piece of paper with my photo on which states I am in the process of applying and can stay for a year and can legally leave Turkey for up to two weeks if I need to before my new permit arrives? I just wondered if you had any confirmation of your appointment by text or email? I have yet to receive anything although it clearly stated at the end that the appointment was made. Good to know I can call a helpline if I have any future problems & great to now be part of a forum that seems very helpful, thank you :0)
  7. Thanks so much for the reply Ken - is the 157 number for the ikamet application helpline? Any ideas if they speak English? I hope so!! You do get an application number at the beginning of the process which is text to you and linked to your permit number - so I can’t even just start a new application as the system ‘knows’ I am already in the process of applying and will not let me start again! It’s exasperating!! Thanks for the tips and good luck with your appointment tomorrow. I am toying with the idea of just cancelling and hopefully immediately starting from scratch again!!! :-0 I am mildly panicking as I’m also in the middle of my Citizenship application and could do without becoming an ‘overstayer’ in the middle of that process!!! :-0
  8. Hi all - I’m new to Turkey Central and desperately trying to fill in the online form for my Family Resident Permit renewal (my permit expires on MONDAY!!). This is my 4th year doing this but the offices I have attended previously have been super helpful and filled in the form for me. Same office, different staff, no help this time :0/ They made out I should just put ‘blah blah blah’ on the form for all address details and it would be sorted out at the actual appointment. But now I cannot put matching addresses for my current address and my sponsor’s address (because I made the first one up like they suggested) and I cannot find a way to go back on the form to correct any errors without inputting acceptable info on the sponsors page (which I can’t do without going back, catch 22!). Is there any way I can go back on the online form or is ok to just cancel the application and start again? It asks for a cancellation reason as though it is a serious matter to cancel and I don’t want to be in a position to mess up the process even more! I’d like to just cancel and start again if that is the best option. I couldn’t get any answers from the unhelpful staff as my son’s school called and I had to leave to collect him as he was ill. Any info very gratefully received, thanks in anticipation. . . . !!
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