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  1. Miss it every day one can say I had good and bad as life gives us. Still today i am having left issues there. Enough said there Ken . was trying to figure out how to send you a private message as you may be able to answer a question (personal) for me Thanks in advance.
  2. hi  how are you doing?

    1. FenerEniste


      Hey how's it going?  I'm doing alright.

  3. nice to see pictures of Cemalpaşa ken i lived there back in 98-99.
  4. Yabanci Girl, You are right. the call to Fatih is the funniest thing to the video. When you live or have live there and have witness it, You can see the comedy in it.
  5. Having accomplished two assignments at Incirlik. And even returning twice after my retirement i must agree totally with Ken. Incirlikbound you will have a ball i can just about guarantee it. Do keep in touch and tell us we were right.
  6. ken, we can do some talking on the Izmir vs Adana. Am willing to listen to your suggestions.
  7. Thanks Ken, I am in the middle of decision making in regards to coming back to turkey.
  8. Ken, did you ever find out more about entering Incirlik AB as a retiree?
  9. Sorry to hear of this. Is this the park around the sabanci mosque. Many years ago i was the victim of a pick pocket in adana, i was fortunate to catch the individual though and did get back my wallet. I was always told when i see i am going to be "attacked" start yelling Jandarma. Never had to test this theory though. Stay strong and keep your eyes always looking.
  10. Thanks Ken, I was just wondering. Not in country presently. I do know Incirlik well and hence my thought.
  11. Ken, that is great news. How does one now get on the Base? Do you know?
  12. I must say i also loved Eskisehir. I spent some time there in 1994-1995 while in the United States Air Force. I believe i may still have some video of my visit. I remember the friendliness of the people. And if my memory serves me correct i meet many college students there also, all wanting to practice their english. Also had a lot of fun nights at a Club called "Club Nostalji"
  13. Ken I was really being a Smart [email protected]@ when i said remind me of what a dream sheat was. meaning most of the time, many of us just dreamt of what we filled in on the form and never saw the place but only in our dreams, sorry my humor or attempt at humor Ken.
  14. Ken, I retired 1 December 1999, you said " Dream Sheet", remind me Ken, what is that again? smile. I must be getting older.
  15. Thanks for the reply. i thought you may have been west indian. i am originally from Trinidad myself. Currently I am in Trinidad. I call Adana my second home.
  16. I just love the way you worded this "hopefully the wife can return to her native land & I can return "home" to Turkiye." I sure hope you make it back.Where are you from originally?
  17. Great photos DevilHawk, it sure brings back memories for me. if i am correct one of the photos is of the spot where one waits for the Incirlik Dolmus.
  18. How about taking a magic jack with you, usable as long as you have high speed internet available and all calls to the USA and Canada are free. just a thought. I do hope you enjoy Izmir.
  19. MJMax, I will totally agree with Ben here. I have been to Incirlik twice in my military days and have never had a problem with beyanname. i will however say this though, i have heard so many stories but have never met anyone that actually had a problem. Enjoy your time in Turkey.
  20. Recall, is there anything else you can say about this rental/house. I am sure many more may like to know. thanks in advance.
  21. Bigdave, i will totally agree with all Ben has said to you. I myself have served twice at Incirlik and like Ben wished i had lived in Adana. It has as Ben said so much more to offer. I do hope you enjoy your stay in Turkey
  22. Ben, I so agree with you on this. I have been in the Adana/Incirlik area at least on for occasions for a total of at least three years. I also got stuck into one thing. For me it was playing a tambourine at the Seyhan hotel and even at times at paviyons. Funny how we just get caught up in one are and miss most of that city's beauty. I may one day post a picture of me doing just that.
  23. Ken, how do I see Islander's pictures as you mentioned?
  24. Great Pictures Islander, Adana is not a bad place to be stuck for a year. I have been there many times and should be back by mid December of this year. I hope to stay at least a year or two this time. You are right though, it is the type of city that one can miss much of its beauty.
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