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  1. Ok. I don't know why I wrote "I pays" , must be a autocorrection :p He pays himself.
  2. He didn't ask me to pay for him. He pays by himself. But is it the war or?
  3. I have a turkish friend, he told me he has to go to the army for three weeks if I pays for it. Only for thos weeks, but what is the point? what are they doing only during those three weeks? is it war, or only military? i didn't want to ask him to much..but he didn't seem so worried in the messages.
  4. How is it? Is it as bad as some peoples say? Earnings are not good. Possibilities doen't seem so good. Education does not seem good either. i dont want to be arrogant, cause I love Turkey. Its most beutiful place and people is nice. But when I say that I maybe want to move there, find a man or something, everybody becomes so negative.
  5. And, I realize that I have been judging him. I had so much anxiety, bad self confidence and I saw just the hurdles/barriers with this "realationship". Here is what I though: - He just wants sex, to play. Have me as fun, because it is what "norwegian girls are for". Turkish people don't tell me this, but other norwegians. - He would think I was a whorer if I went out with him. - At the end, he will dump me to find a turkish woman. - It is hard to move a turk to Norway. - He only wants a norwegian passport. This happens, but most in the touristic areas. Norwegian girls marrying turkish guys, and then they differs when they dont need the woman anymore. - We need to learn eachothers languages. actually I start learning turkish, but I got a bit demotivated. Why should I keep learning it if I don't have any reason go back there? I was lying to my self and my feelings. Only listening to other adjudicating people, that I though was right. I'm just a young inexperienced woman. And then, I believe a bit in the fate. We have the own will, but the fate may choose ways for us. I feel so strongly that he was one of them. I could have prooved that turks can be good. I THINK he gots a gf now. Because of something he was writing in soscial media, but Im not really shure, but she is not turkish. I don't want to send him any messange or ask about anything. He will think I am one of those redicilous girls that comes when he sees another girl... U understand? I would seem stupied. But I really lied to my self. I felt a pressure coming from inside, to take contact with him. It was so hard to resist. Last time I really heard from him was in march. But I was so short ini my answers. I feel in many ways, this is the man in my life. And I felt it for so long. And, if we will not become, it has to be ok...because I acted the way I acted.
  6. Hello. We messaged togheter and you did not answer my last message. We found out, it is not the same man. My future boyfriend does really not need to be a turkish guy! The easiest would be a man who does not need a lot of paper and different religion. But, heart wants what the heart wants. Check ur inbox, maybe U'll see my last message.
  7. Ok, the time is passing. I live my life, he lives he's life. Haven't heard from him since 2 months now. I also don't know when I'm going back to Turkey, but I will. It's just not easy for me to let the idea about us go away. It was me, that was not honest to my self about my feelings. I would act different if he was texting me today, but past is the past. I don't feel that it is ok to just contact him. If I do, I will just wonder "why does he write that" "why does he not write that...." and so goes on. I feel it will be disrespectful. Yesterday, I watched something on tv, a guy was marrying a muslim girl (not from Tyrkey). But Islam really keeps control of people! In one way I feel sorry for him, he is not free, but a slave of Islam. Of course I can't deceide it for him, I think he is a happy person. But for me, the way I may live with him, can be strange. Reading the Quaran, and all this stuff. I'm just wondering, maybe I am judging. What if he finds a girl, and they are happy togheter. If she is not a muslim, and I will think "that could be me". But again I think it will be a muslim girl, a turksih girl, cause I hear that west-country girls are not worth that much. Maybe I am wrong. I just wish so badly to relive the time I met him the first time. It was a time, I opened a new chapter in my life. I did never plan to go to that place I met him, but my inner voice told me I had to. But I locked it also Yes, this is maybe kind of redicilous to some of you. That I'm still writing here, but I like writing my feelings.
  8. Thank you so much. I will check it out. I so badly want to send hin one message, but why do I feel so bad when I see that he is online so often during the evening.. I think maybe he is writing other girls just for fun. He was writing me so often during e evenings when we first met to. No, another one...is what I think. But this is just thoughts.... I know I'm to negative sometimes. I was about to send him now, but when he is already online, Im afraid I will be disturbing to him.
  9. Ok, Norway The problem that this guy is religious is that I maybe think they sre brainwashed. When I say to my friends I really like somebody and telling where he is from, they start ask a lot. "But is he religious or something?". "Omg, I would really awoid any religious guy" specially when its Islam. Older guys in family and husbands of my parents friends, "they will brainwash you""It may be fine, until you are getting kids togheter"(I dont know why the kids belongs to the father. Or why the rumours say so!) but I hear it every time. If Islam is good...why do so many women need to hide behind the burqa? I don't write this things because I'm rasistic or snything wrong. I'm just want to know whats the truth, and curious. Im happy I found this forum. The reason why I dont ask this guy is because he already asked me many times almost 2 years ago. I did always answer, but I acted hard to get, because I was afraid that if I said yes, he would think I was easy whore. I've already been writing how our contact has been. And now almost 2 weeks ago he wrote me, asking if I went to party after seing my story thst I was out with friends. Im now so afraid to take contact with him, I dont want to be rude. I amfraid to be strange. What if he thinks that I am strange because I write him, without suggest a meeting. He is writing me and I dont think he is strange. But Im just afraid that I will be :/ that he will get mad at me or something...
  10. Thank you so wery much for this! I stay in Turkey for longer periods when I am here yes. I am from one of the scandinavian countries i dont know why im uncomfortable telling wich, but perhaps somebody will recognize me or something, i dont think so. I just want to be shure. Im in Tukrey for my 3rd time, and i really love it. I want to learn turkish but it so hard. I already started a bit. And i've being here 3 times alreasy without going out with him. Just met him randomly and its hard to talk. I dont know what to say, I dont know what he thinks. We say "hi, and how are you". When we are so close that we can not ignore eachother anymore. And always he is surrounded by friends, if not, I am. But he is religious... it cant be good ?? The childrens belongs to the father, right?
  11. Thank you. The strange thing is, I don't want him to think that I'm into him. I just want to keep the contact, that's the first thing. I already had a lot of changes to meet him. And I enjoyed the attention to much. I liked that he wrote me, but I start feeling something. And actually, I'm a bit to jalous to have a bf like this. He knows a lot of girls. Not like a player/lover with them, but female friends and I'm always afraid that one of them also might be in love with him. I just want to show that I want to reciprocate the contact/friendship. I also feel so unnormal....I've been thinking about him for almost 2 years. How it is possible? I can't be in love, really....I think this is just a strong attraction. Another problem is that he is religious. He's mom will always come first, and sister. He is praying sometimes as well. This makes my family think this is very bad and I have to move on. And I try, but.....I think of him. The praying doesn't make me think that he needs to be a bad person. He wrote men about 1 week ago...just like "whats up". Maybe I will just do the same. But do you think a "whats up" message will make hik think that I'm trying to date with him? :
  12. Thanks for your answers. Ihave to send him a messange this evening, finally. The issue is that I can't see sny furthure with him, maybe a furthure, but not a easy and good one, because of the surroundings. I have been meeting him randomly a few times now, and its not easy to talk to eachother. I dont dare go up to him when o see him, togheter with his friends. And he does not to me. When we was close and met eachothers eyes, we just say "hi, how are u". 1 week ago i posted a story on insta when i was on a restaurant with friends. He answered and asked if i went to party. I answered i was put woth my friends and asked how he is. He answered and asked me. I was good also, and he just press the thumb up button. Some friends thôught i should have asked him more questions... and think that i killed the chat. So...its up to me, isnt it..
  13. Well, yes, from west Europe i think you know the culture there?
  14. Why? I don't know why I'm uncomfortable telling that west european country.
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