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  1. Hey Ben, Everyone... Im doing everything I can and trying over and over and over... attached a screen shot of what Im seeing. Is there a way to print my file without making the appt? Im getting closer and closer to my expiry date ( March 11) ... not sure what else I can do with this site...
  2. Hey! thanks for the response... Unfortunately the e-ikamet system doesnt let me generate an appointment and i cannot print the forms without doing so. Anyone else have this issue? Not sure what to do. I keep on having to cancel the application bc I cant get passed certain points within 5 days. HELP!
  3. Thank you both! Ibrahim Abi,.. its true.. once I switched to Turkish it worked just fine. Now, my issue is the appointment... Doesnt seem to be any available? Any suggestions? I thought if its an extension ikamet that you do not need an appointment? Not sure what to do now. Whenever I go to make an appoint and print it says " otomatik rendevu icin uygun musait gun/saat bulanamadi"
  4. Hey... I'm going onto my fifth residence permit now... and every time is a new headache. I am trying to apply for extension and I get a technical error message at the third page (passport info) every single time. And, its not because Im entering anything wrong. I called them and they said try at odd hours. I did, still the same technical error message! My residence expires on March 11, I really want to mail this in and get on with things. What should I do? I also wrote them many times and never get a response...
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