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  1. Dear All, I am new here but I hope you will be able to help me and share your thoughts. I am in relationship with turkish man, he lives already 4 years in Europe. Currently we are having long distance relationship due to my job, however I am coming back to my country (and him) in few months. Long distance relationship itself works good, we see each other at least once per month, usually twice. I am sure he does not cheat on me, he is not jealous. I feel loved and secure. There is however one thing that concerns me - his friends. They are having strong Turkish people community in the place we used to live and we will live. They meet for dinners, they celebrate their holidays together, enjoy Turkish music, movies, culture. It happened few times he had chosen to meet with them over seeing me after 2 or 3 weeks saying that they are like family for him and they will always be. I do not need attention for 24/7, I also have my own family, friends but it seems not OK for me that after few weeks he still prefers to spend time with his friends and they see each other basically everyday, they even used to live together for years. Usually we are agreeing then to meet for example at 16:00 and spend 2 hours together, he is never late but also he never stays longer because usually at 18:00 sharp he would get messages from his friends saying: "you promised us to be here, why you are not there, don't come if you don't want, have fun then if you don't want to see us". I am wondering if it's part of Turkish culture and I should get used to be always on 3rd place after family and friends or it's a personal thing? Thanks! PS. I am sorry for all mistakes, I am not native English speaker but I hope it's still understandable.
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