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  1. I got a job offer recently and they offer to apply me a work permit but I must have a residency permit 1st and I can’t leave turkey for more than 2 days , does neccecary to leave to Jordan and back again ? Can leave to a visa free country like Cyprus or Lebanon then get back and apply for my RP ?
  2. Hello my case is like this : i entered turkey on 28 Aug 2017 with my Jordanian passport on a 90 Days visa. I applied for an appointment for the residency permit , got it on 29 Nov 2017 i went to the appointment and they requested extra papers from Jordan like bank account balance and a clean criminal record ( that will take 2 months to be issued from the embassy ) the criminal clean record issuance date is 5 Dec 2017 and had all the legal government stamps from Jordan and translated to English. i got the papers today 3 Feb 2018 but I was told that I have only 30 days to get the requested papers and get back to the appointment again but it took 60 days am I considered as an overstayed person ? And what will be the procedure when I get back to the residency office and show them the papers and tell them that it took two months to be issued . Thanks in advance
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