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  1. A lot of great responses, but no one has explained this to me or helped me to understand why he would keep his divorce from his parents.
  2. Yes, I am American. He assures me this is not an issue with his parents. His family lives in Istanbul, on the Asian side (not sure what that means, it’s what he’s said). His sister (3years younger)was divorced about 8 years ago and lives in Istanbul. His ex-wife and family quit speaking years ago (5-6) and never got along well. His divorce finalized two months after I met him. We met in a business setting with no hidden personal agenda. He did not persue me for several months, and it wasn’t until a month of him trying that I agreed to speak to him outside of work, well after his divorce was finalized.
  3. Saw the papers, definitely divorced. So why hide it from his parents, sister & extended family?
  4. Thank you so much for your response. I have not seen divorce papers... I’ve gone back and forth whether it’s too intrusive to ask to see them. We do live together and he’s home every night. I still don’t understand why he would not tell them. It’s been a year. Also, his sister is in Istanbul too & she is divorced. Very confusing to me.
  5. Is it culturally difficult to confess a divorce to your parents? He is in his early 50s & has 2 grown sons here. None of which know I exist. He’s very private about his life. Is this natural Turkish behavior? Or is he be using it as an excuse, knowing I am unfamiliar with Turkish culture?
  6. My Turkish boyfriend has been living in the states about 16 years. A year ago he divorced, and still hasn’t told his parents. He just returned from a trip home (Istanbul) and still did not tell them. When I talked to him about it, he said it’s cultural and to give him time... We recently moved in together and I feel like a secret in his life. Can someone help me to understand?
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