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  1. Okay great, thank you both for clarifying this! Sounds like I'm finally near the end of the beuraucracy.
  2. Was going off the information here: https://www.expatguideturkey.com/address-registration-system/ Specifically, “Foreigners who arrive in Turkey with residence and work permits obtained from consulates shall register in the address registration system within twenty working days as of the date of entry.” This doesn't describe me as I didn't enter with a residence permit obtained from my consulate - seems like this is so they know your address when they otherwise wouldn't (same goes for what you mentioned). In my case they have my address from my residence permit application. I contacted the immigration office helpline and they said there was nothing left to do, but wanted to make sure as the person I spoke to didn't sound 100% certain!
  3. Just had a look online about this and it is a bit unclear as to whether I need to do it until I have a residence permit. What I have read says you must register within 20 days of entering with a residence or work permit. I'm currently here on an archaeological research visa that expires end of Feb. I do not have a residence permit yet but have an appointment for end of Feb. Would I need to register now (ie within 20 working days of entering the country on my 90 visa) or after I have the residence permit?
  4. Thanks for your reply, I am staying at an archaeological research centre - it is unstaffed so I assume someone has not already registered my presence. I have a tax number in which I gave the address I am staying at, as I also did when I applied online for the residence permit - I guess these are not sufficient in themselves? Please could you tell me if there's a time limit for me to register within? Also, would this be the city/district (Izmir) or local town (Urla) station? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for any advice!
  5. Ah okay, thanks a lot for the info. Had conflicting information so wanted to make sure.
  6. Hi, I sought some advice on applying for a short term residence permit before coming out to Turkey. One thing I was told was that I'd need to immediately go and register with the local police station (for me, Izmir). I've looked this up online, however, and the only things I can find referring to the need to do this is to apply for a residence permit. As I understand it, this has now moved online (I have just completed an application and have an appointment date for February). Can anyone tell me if I still need to go and register with the local police station for whatever reason? A friend of mine from Lebanon had to do this when living in the UK just so that the state knows where he is - would it be the same for me in Turkey? Bit about me: British citizen conducting research in Izmir and currently holding an appropriate visa which expires Jan 2019. Applied for a residence permit so that I can stay beyond the 90 days allowed on my visa. Thanks for any advice.
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