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  1. Hello friends (Renewal)they sent me message and asked me to go there and give them my original sigorta while Normaly they want to send a copy of it by ptt as i did too !?! ...
  2. Exactly but i heard nufus doesn't work for my case as my rp card is expired already ...
  3. Thank you redders . & Dear matthew i solved the problem. How long it takes while they send the card to my house? And as i asked if you are in same place (house) you don't need to send them house renewal rental contract because they have it already (also no need bank account print) !! do you think it's right / wrong ?
  4. Hello everyone 1. I got my application for renew but i don't know to where should i post it ? 2.by mistake I've wrote the purpose of stay as touristic while it's renting house(annual) ! Is it wrong?
  5. Hello Thank you soooooo much for this information! I went to internet cafe yesterday and i saw the print icon is gray , and i was worry to finish it and worry if it still stay gray or disapear ! So i will search for another cafe & gonna go there tomorrow , Hope this one know about these things and help me out. If you know some would you tell me? and is it fine if i pay my rp fee online by their own page? Regards
  6. Hello and thank you for reply ,yes dear ken grubbI I was in internet cafe for two hours and They couldn't ! The print icon is gray (which is disable by click) and my rp will be expired in two days ,i called 157 they said print it !!!!! And i said it doesn't work and ...! Nothing Now i am thinking to finish my form(as it is still open & i haven't still get appointmet or ptt recommend from site) but there is a problem ! Once i fill & finish it completely i won't be able to see the pages again.
  7. Renew residence permit will be by PTT not by interview and I can't print my form , Now the print icon is disable & shows gray color (as I done everything by phone and I forgot to print) , what should I do ? How I send it while I can not print it?
  8. Hello friends Any one know if i forget to print my application form what will happen?
  9. Thank you so much for all your information I appreciate it . This case is renew residence permit and I think all document will be asked to post by PTT. So there won't be any face to face paper work , that's why i am a little bit wonder about the process .
  10. Once we fill our information and get randevu by website can we enter to our document again and change some information ? Or it will be closed automaticlly ?
  11. Thank you for your information I searched but i coulden't find do you know any specific area for it? In europe side . And if i do all procces with my phone & take an appointment , can i go to cafe later to print them ?
  12. May tell me how i can have my application form when I apply from the residence permit application website for a residence permit and how I should print it? Because I don't have computer ? Should I go to internet cafe? Is there any address?
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