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  1. Please, I have a question for Turkish people who have interest for historical games I am working with a partner to create a computer wargame that allows gamers to recreate historical fronts during 1914-1918 war (WW1). The first release will concern French occidental front (1914-1918) -cf image screen - This screen is the North-East of France We plane to release a similar Turkish adaptation of this game to the Turkish independance war (1919-1922), concerning the 3 great Turkish fronts : Occidental front (West Anatolia), South-West and North-West fronts. The West Anatolia front would concern these areas (cf physical Turkish map for west Anatolia) : a map would be released with the game, similar like the North-East french map showed My question is : 1/ Do you think Turkish players who have interest for Turkish history would be interested by this Turkish independance war wargame ? 2/ Would it be suffisant to translate the game in english, or would it be necessary to translate it in Turkish langage ?