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  1. Guess I have this to look forward to in 3 years.
  2. yep that is what you need to do.... I don't know how long the PTT will hold your visa, They held mine for a month.
  3. Matthew G

    70s music 2

    very spooky
  4. Matthew G

    80s music 2

    I'm not special I just dated myself
  5. Matthew G

    What are you praying about?

    Perhaps she is thinking COld War Days Western Europe is anything west of West Germany to include West Germany
  6. Matthew G

    Adana Revival

    15 years ago M1 was the place to be, I haven't been there I ages, I think It has been replaced by the Optimum
  7. Matthew G

    Classic Literature 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 53/100 and my time was 613 seconds  
  8. Matthew G


    ha ha ha yep
  9. Matthew G

    Classic Literature 2

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 53/100 and my time was 684 seconds  
  10. Matthew G


  11. just try and see what happens, you have nothing to lose. Besides if you don't you will regret it later.
  12. I got a TXT from the DGG in Ankara about 2 weeks ago saying they sent my permanent RP...I still have yet to see it
  13. Matthew G

    Adana Revival

  14. I already explained ,my theory but honestly, you are just going to have to get it from the Horse's mouth.
  15. Perhaps you can go to school and learn Turkish, After all it will come in handy when you go to TUrkey again. I'm sure you plan to visit again weather with or without him. If you think you have been cold then fix it. warm up to him. ad tell him in plain language that you are interested in him and want to persue a relationship. Explain to him why you been cold, and tell him not to read into it. Perhaps you can spend time with him in his country and see where it goes. DOn't worry about love if it doesn't work out and though you don't believe me because you are in love but it will come again. Trust me I'm old and have seen these things. Love always comes when you aren't looking for it.