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  1. Adana Revival

    Yes that would be great!
  2. Your thoughts about Adana?

    Adana chook Seviyorum! Moved out here in December my wife is from here and we wanted to be close to family. The people are friendly, Everything you need is easily walkable, more affordable than the other major cities (and in my humble opinion it has the best transportation system in the world! (you never have to wait longer than 2 minutes to get wherever you want to go), the food is off the hook and the only place you can get a true Adana kebop.
  3. Adana Revival

    Hello, Since all posts in this forum are old I thought it would be a good idea to revive the forum and get a head count of people who are still here, alive, and kicking. There may be new people out there who are following this and aren't posting anything because they think they may not get a reply due to inactivity. I'll start by saying that I'm here often and ready to assist in anyway I can. I'm here almost daily and I have a lot of free time on my hands. I'm even here just to chat incase anyone wants to talk.
  4. Hello, I just shipped my dog here and thought I would share some updated information in order to help others. The first stop is PLAN AHEAD! I mean about a month and a half before you come to Turkey. The reason is this, Every destination in Turkey has different Requirements! Some places will require a Tick Titer test and what that means is blood work will have to be done on your dog, your local vet will draw the blood and send it off to a lab in St Louis, MO. That is the only place in the country that performs this test and it can take a few weeks for the results. Other places will require that you have to get a European Microchip, sometimes both. The very next step is CALL TURKISH AIRLINES and ask them about the requirements for your destination. Turkish Airlines has the list of all the requirements for all he major destinations in Turkey. On their web page they have a information page (bear in mind that some breeds won't be accepted Like Bull Dogs) the list f unacceptable dogs is on that page. A phone number to call during normal business hours Eastern Time, is also on the page CALL IT! You will have to call the number and ask that you will need a International heath certificate (which will require the tick titer test), or a regular health certificate. In my case since I was going to Adana they accepted a normal health certificate and proof that the shots were up to date. They also should take a picture of your dog and have it on the page with it's shots, that is proof that the vaccinated animal is the one that you are bringing. They also recommend that you show up 4 hours before your flight because they will have to analyze the paperwork. If your dog is small enough it will be allowed in the cabin with you, but they will charge an additional $70.00 If the dog is too big it will have to ride with the suitcases and the price is $170.00. If you plan to go back and forth a lot and if you qualify, you can register your pet as an Emotional Support Animal. Emotional Support Animals don't need to be trained, and registration can be done over the phone. I used (therapypet.org) you fill out a form, and they will call you for verification and/or payment, It cost me about $170. and they will e-mail you the letter immediately, the hard copies will arrive in a couple of days. Since my dog was registered his ticket was free. I experienced no problems, with just the regular health certificate, shot record, and service dog letter. However there were some delays because a supervisor (and all his brothers) needed to look at the paperwork which was all written obviously in English. There are no places in Attaturk Arport for your dog to relieve themselves, I can't speak for all dogs but my dog, a Chi-weenie (and my father's dog a lhasa apso) don't go to the bathroom for 3 days after traveling (i'm talking about the dreaded Number 2 here) my dog waited about 23 hours before he actually peed...............I HOPE YOU FIND THIS INFORMATION USEFUL.
  5. Some Photos from Adana

    Ken Thanks for the Pics, That is not that far from where I live. I love living in Adana! Bee to the M1 years ago it was big then , But Now there is the Optimum. WOW! But Not as big as the one in Izmir I don't think.
  6. General Knowledge Quiz 5

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 66/100 and my time was 404 seconds  
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    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 0/100 and my time was 3670 seconds  
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    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 43/100 and my time was 646 seconds  
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  14. Turkey and Turkish Culture Quiz

    I'm so ashamed of myself.
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