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  1. I'm sorry but what does Sharing Time mean? does everyone put 365? or do I use the Julian date of my birthday?
  2. sahibinden.com its very good it has private listings, and realtor. It's best if you know some Turkish but it is very easy to navigate.
  3. I would like to remind everyone that just about 2oom from the Sabanci Mosque there is an Optimum shopping mall, which is much like the one in Izmir. It's relatively new and far more modern than M1. Because Adana doesn't really cater to tourists, many things are cheaper here in general. It is still possible to get a chicken döner for 5TL, and stay in a decent hotel for 80TL. If you are feeling flush, there is also a Ibis Hotel where a double room averages 160TL. In my opinion the local bus system is the best in the world you never wait longer than 45 seconds for the next bus. Rates just raised to 2.80 TL if you use a "Kent Kart" or 3TL if you pay cash. There is also the metro but it goes in a straight line and there is only about 10 stops. it uses the same Kent Kart. and is always not busy.
  4. yep that is what you need to do.... I don't know how long the PTT will hold your visa, They held mine for a month.
  5. Perhaps she is thinking COld War Days Western Europe is anything west of West Germany to include West Germany
  6. 15 years ago M1 was the place to be, I haven't been there I ages, I think It has been replaced by the Optimum
  7. just try and see what happens, you have nothing to lose. Besides if you don't you will regret it later.
  8. I got a TXT from the DGG in Ankara about 2 weeks ago saying they sent my permanent RP... I still have yet to see it
  9. I already explained ,my theory but honestly, you are just going to have to get it from the Horse's mouth.
  10. Perhaps you can go to school and learn Turkish, After all it will come in handy when you go to TUrkey again. I'm sure you plan to visit again weather with or without him. If you think you have been cold then fix it. warm up to him. ad tell him in plain language that you are interested in him and want to persue a relationship. Explain to him why you been cold, and tell him not to read into it. Perhaps you can spend time with him in his country and see where it goes. DOn't worry about love if it doesn't work out and though you don't believe me because you are in love but it will come again. Trust me I'm old and have seen these things. Love always comes when you aren't looking for it.
  11. Follow your heart, If it feels right then it is right for you. Don't do it until you are ready. I don't think he is playing with you because he is being so persistent. I think that his conversations sound like chatting because his English is limited. Body language speaks volumes and is international, when you are together you will know you will feel it. Don't worry about the stereotype, Turkey is more progressive than you think, believe it or not most women rule the house here so don't think of it as a ball and chain. On the other hand TUrkey can be culturally different, the best thing to do is ask him about his expectations. Perhaps you can be honest and tell him that you will not be chained to the kitchen. Spend time with him, face to face. but since I don't know which European country you are from I can't advise much further. I wish you all my best
  12. Ibrahim: You are correct You will always find bathroom shoes in the doorway of a "Eastern Toilet" Our house has both and here we don't change when we use the Western toilet.... However at my Father in law's house and my wife's sister's house even though they both have a western toilet, They expect you to use the Bathroom shoes. Perhaps they are traditional IDK, I guess the rule of thumb is if there are shoes at the door use them LOL and of course don't forget to take them off upon your exit. ha ha ha.
  13. For those who have never been to Turkey, and end up going to someone's home pay close attention to your shoes. Many Turkish homes have different shoes for every part of the house. 1. Always take off your shoes at the door, Some homes may give you slippers or sandals to wear inside the house. 2 Going to the Bathroom may require another set of shoes, expect to find a pair of rubberized shoes or sandals right at the entrance to the bathroom. When you are finished exchange them for the shoes your hosts gave you. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL DON;T FORGET THAT YOU ARE WEARING THE BATHROOM SHOES AND GO WADERING INTO THE LIVING ROOM. 3. If your hosts have a balcony, they may have another set of shoes for you to wear when you step outside to the balcony. Just keep in mind this custom, and don't be "the ugly(insert your nationality here)" and be a good ambassador for your country, you will look better and your hosts will appreciate it.
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