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  1. I will soon extend my residence visa for tourist purpose and have some questions. Wondering if I have right documents?. I have a contract for a flat to be stamped by the Notary. Does the landlord need to accompany? Can I and the man I live with use the same contract when both name of the acquaintance is on the contract. My partner will search in September and I in January. I have a pension from Sweden, is there a certificate from the Pension Authority, which shows how much money I receive each month? Could it be written in English? We are over 65 years old, do we need to take out Insurance. I have read that you do not have to go to a meeting the second time you apply. i have to go to Ptt and email the documents from there, one and one. Can I send the mail from hotmail. Must I scan all documents? Or can Ptt help me with that or can Ptt help me with that. I will be thankful if you can answer me as soon as possible. if you can answer me as soon as possible. Payment:, first time I paid single visa entry with about 450 lira, do I need to pay it again. ( we are Swedish and don't have to have visa normally).
  2. I had tried for many days now to fill in the application for short term residence permit. Now I saw that I can not use the English version, which I have tried all the time. Page one , no problem, and I had got a application number, page two I can fill in, but I got error when I would go to next page. ”Technical failure has occurred in the system” I had also tried Turkish page, but it is the same problem. But only tried that on Ipad. My question: Must I use a computer? Can I use Ipad? Is there any special web browser I shall use? Anybody else with same problem?
  3. I have two question about apply for Visa. 1 year 1. Is it right that If I get a Visa, I had to stay in Turkey at least 8 month during that year? 2. I am over 65 years, and some people say I dont need insurance. What happen if I had to go to a doctor, and dont have insurance? I will be very happy to get answer as soon as possible, though I will apply for Visa next week.
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