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  1. You are right. I learned Turkey has specific culture. But maybe this is what I like. I like turkish girl, because I feel I can believe her. More than any European girl - from my experience. In my opinion turkish girls are honest. I know I should go to Turkey, but still I am a student, so It is hard to go immediately. But I plan to go there in summer. I am 21. years old. Could we continue this conversation in some privacy chat?
  2. Yes okay. So my questions are: Should I still try about her? And what does she realy want? When she behaves like so. Thank you for reaction. Jirka
  3. Hello, I was reading here some experiences about dating turkish girl. I have some experience as well. I met with turkish girl on net over 1 year ago. We were chating, skyping etc. Just we fell in love. As I have read some articles here about "how turkish girls behave" it is exactly about her. She was jealous, but I didn´t mind it it was pretty cute.. She wanted be in connection every day as much as possible... We had lot of plans about our meeting, then we started plan how to be together. She wanted come to Erasmus to my country. She was very excited about the idea and she was working hard about it almost all the year. She planed even things, which was sometimes very hard to believe they could be possible, but when I doubted anything, she was very sad, sometimes even angry like I don´t believe her and so on. Then, when the time for arrive came, unfortunately she couldn't come, because her friend didn´t get a visa (It was condition from her parents she can´t go alone, which I learned about in very last time from her). Then, when she couldn´t come, she was changing all her decisions... She started behave a bit bossy sometimes. She changes her decision quickly. When we don´t talk, she says she is sad and misses me. Then other days she says, she isn´t sure if she really loved me. Then again she wanna call with me and like so. When I say her I want to visit her in summer, always it makes her very happy. Btw: When we met, she said about me to her parents, but only to her mother said she feels something to me. From her behavior I feel long time very confused and for being honest it quite hurts me. I would like to meet her in real, because she is great. But really I don´t know what she feels and why does she do this always. Do you have any advice? Opinions? Do you have some similar experience? I apologize for long article. Jirka
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