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  1. You should PM me as I could help a lot on this topic - I’m despairing over a similar situation and for now all I can say is - at least based on your post - even if you were there with him in Turkey now, you STILL would not be able to relive the 1st moments when you were with him. I’m sorry - perhaps it is not him, but the way you felt, or the overall experience that moved you, and if it was, you might be able to experience something similar with a new man in Turkey, but then you may well just have to suffer through all this again if and when things don’t work out satisfactorily. May I ask when you experienced those first moments, and where? Istanbul, Marmara, or somewhere else? You never know - we may know the same man. Seriously...but feel free to message me. I hope you will be okay - it’s difficult I know.
  2. Hi - I should ask you what his first name is - it may be that he is the same one that has been with me...this sounds awful, but your story and description sound familiar. I've been through a very hard time, because of a Turkish man, and am now abandoned with no friends, family, support or any means, in Turkey. I encourage you to be very careful - no offence to anyone, but there are cultural differences here that are huge. Also as a Western woman, coming from Norway, there is (a lot of) potential for you to be a target (visa etc.). Norway is also seen as a very rich country worldwide - I recommend dating someone from another (western) country/culture and avoiding men in Turkey. If you can see him, remain friends, and not become serious, then you may be on safer ground. I'm not the only one impacted - there are thousands of us. If you ever want to know more, you can try to PM me for information (though I'm not really sure how that works on this forum : )
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