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  1. Statistics Residence

    Is there any statistical chart available where by country we can see the residence permits granted by Turkey say for 2016 cheers
  2. learning turkish language

    Yes I have no idea about it , my level is basic or below :-(
  3. learning turkish language

    I have downloaded an application on my mobile https://www.duolingo.com/course/tr/en/Learn-Turkish-Online I will play with it for a month and see how it goes cheers
  4. learning turkish language

    Many thanks
  5. learning turkish language

    hello and good evening, I would like to know how easy it is to learn the language and are there professional teachers for remote teaching? cheers
  6. Business for coffee shop

    More likely will be the case then , which is to use turkey as an end user against foreign income. Same is the case for property investment as well. Thanks for your valuable input buddy
  7. Some one I know for a year has offered me to have a startup for a coffee shop in istanbul, whereby I would invest all of the money and he would take care of he business. He said the business has good potential if coupled with a unique idea. What is your opinion as am not living in istanbul cheers
  8. Moving to Turkey or UAE

    Well let me share my views/questions. Its about the comfort level. While I visited Istanbul and have seen a lot of folks from different parts of the world, yet there is no common language developed as means of communication. For example in dubai, the public and private sectors english is understood to be the medium of communication and for a person to choose a 2nd home, it makes a big difference. In turkey it was really tough for us to communicate in english. Apart from this disadvantage, which is a big one, i found the place better than Dubai in so many ways (cost of living, weather, people are welcoming). Essentially how was your experience when you live in turkey and you run for errands and not knowing turkish. must have been a big issue I reckon, or not? I read that in order to get a residence permit the govt officials need you to have a lawyer because they would not speak in english and is this across the board, for example if you have an emergency and you go into a hospital, how would you communicate? cheers
  9. Moving to Turkey or UAE

    I already have the residence permit of uae because of the property purchase. However I am looking for some on who choses one over others and how was his experience
  10. Moving to Turkey or UAE

    Hello Folks, Has any one moved to Turkey from UAE and what was his/her experience like? I am not sure of which place to choose dubai or istanbul.... any ideas? cheers
  11. Residence Permit

    Good morning folks, I can visit Turkey via e-visa valid for a short period of time. However I would like to get a residence permit for myself and family. Do you know the procedure and the cost per person? Cheers
  12. schools in istanbul

    Based on my research, english private schools are way costly (30-60k $ a year). I am looking for a list of private schools where medium of instruction is in English and fees range between 15-20k TL/Year. cheers
  13. I am coming to visit Istanbul for couple of weeks. I am thinking of renting a car. Do you think its a good idea? Other options is to rent a car with driver which costs a lot more. cheers
  14. Real Estate for Self Live and Investment

    Real estate investment is not for every one and its not about being a foreigner in a country. In actual face people invested wisely in dubai and made fortune. Most of the millionaires in the past decade come from real estate investment. Turkey is far more stable than other countries in the region in the long run. I sort of wanted to reach out to any one who could benefit from my experience. cheers
  15. Real Estate for Self Live and Investment

    yes it does and am sorry for those who invest without performing Due diligence.