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  1. He said things like i want to kiss your lips 3 times only i asked him to stop or i will leave him , and he stopped it after two days he let me contact with his mother
  2. Hello everyone before 4 months i was in Istanbul ( I am not Turkish) , i met a Turkish man twice , he asked my Instagram and i added him, after a week he start sending me messages, first of all he told me he was divorced after a marriage that last for 2 years and knew his ex-spouse for 4 years, (with no kids) he said he doesn't like her anymore,he is 35 and i am 21, he tried after while to talk dirt and try to get my number , and keep sending his number and photos and i stopped him and told him i will no longer talk to him if he didn't stop,and he stopped it and never repeat it after that,he a
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