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  1. Hi everyone! I am a British Citizen and I am engaged to a Turkish Citizen. We are hoping to marry next year. We have decided to marry in Turkey due to the complications of trying to marry in England (he cannot work during the time if he comes over on a fiancé visa), therefore, if we marry in Turkey, it will be an easier transition for him to move to the UK so he can start working. I would just like a bit of advice as to how the marriage procedure works such as where to start with contacting certain offices etc i have read about the requirement for me to obtain documents like evidence that I have not been married before but what do I do when I receive these documents? How do I go about getting the medical check required without being in Turkey? Once we have had our checks and got our documents, what do we do? If someone can provide some pointers in a timeline like order so we know where to start and what steps we need to do along the way that would be amazing. Thank you
  2. Hi Cukurbagli, Thank you for your reply! My boyfriend is great at teaching me both Turkish and Kurdish, however, I am keen to try to learn without being too dependent on his teaching (I don’t want our relationship to turn into a teacher student kind of thing haha). I would love to be able to speak both languages fluently however my main focus is Kurdish. Unfortunately, there are not any Kurdish learning classes to go to for me to learn in my area The Information you have provided is a great help and a good place for me to get started so thank you My boyfriend told me the Kurdish his family speaks is Kurmanci if that is of any help? Thanks again!
  3. Hi there, I am new to this and have decided to join due to being in a relationship with a man in Turkey. I am English and live in England. Him and his family are Kurdish and I am looking to learn to speak Kurdish as I am going to meet his Mother and the rest of his family next month. I speak very very little/basic Turkish and understand even less. However, I would love to learn Kurdish as it shows to his family that their language and culture is important to me (I don’t want to be an ignorant English person, whereby everyone else must learn to speak English instead of me learning their language). If anyone could give me some help with some basics on what I can say in Kurdish, aswell as possible responses I could get (so I can understand what others say to me) that would be great! I am more than happy to help anyone with learning English too Teşekkürler
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