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  1. Thanks Laura for that, but will badger Hubby to get over there as soon as possible to do my bits. LOLBy the way I have just had a look at your Altinkum Post, what a great mine of information it is. I did try to sign the book but it woulodn't load for some reason.I will keep it in my favourites for perusal at my leisure.Keep up the good work.P.S. There goes another animal............(Badger)
  2. Hello all, Well I was so glad to read your post Laura...in time. I had no luck with the bank on the telephone so had decided to do it all by post, well, I held back in sending it, obviously loath to send such vital information as bank details in a letter, so glad I didn't do it. I am too trusting sometimes for my own good so will wait until I am out in April and conduct my business then.Perhaps we ought to start training the pidgeons again
  3. So I have had my first week with my Turkish Language course, only a cheap one for now . Four CD's and a book.Hey, I can meet and greet, order a simple meal, say please and thank you, ask where you come from and count to fifty.All very basic at the moment but one has to have Base stones when building anything.I have noticed that the endings of some words change in some situations, and am at present working them out myself, because this is only a very basic course it doesn't explain. I will work throught this course then move on to the next step when I will probably take you up on your offers of help.Must say, so far I am enjoying it, its a bit like learning to drive, thinks "Oh I will never be able to do this" and then all of a sudden things fall into place. Will keep you posted.
  4. thanks for the welcome !

  5. Thanks for your thoughts on that Ben. I guess I just didn't want it to go unmentioned, that would to me seem a bit too cavelier, on the other hand why perpetuate the actions of these cowardly acts.Its a sticky question.Terrorism is part of our lives now , you would think that living in the UK I would be used to it. The I.R.A stopped me from visiting London some years ago or anywhere else I thought they might be, but since 9/11and the London bombings I have changed my attitude, silly to say that it doesn't scare me, especially flying but it has worked the other way, I refuse to stop travelling, I refuse to allow them to have any kind of hold on my life. In my mind that is me winning not them.Thanks for allowing me to air my views. I will stop now
  6. I was about to say on here that I find it very strange that no one has mentioned the recent bombing in Istanbul last week, is it because I am new here and you are all used to it ?Then as I was scrolling through some earlier post I found one from Ben from TWO YEARS ago, which, I might add gave me some sort of comfort as I was beginning to get worried about buying in Turkey. He was so right and what he was saying two years ago is still true today.I will continue to look forward to our new apartment and life in Turkey.
  7. JMK, its a lovely word to say isn't it, it just slides off the tongue.
  8. Lynn I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. There will be people on this board that will be able to answer your query's I'm sure.I have been using these boards on Turkey for about a year now and have found that this Tapu business can be a bit hit and miss. Some people have waited over a year or so to get theirs. I thought the new laws were supposed to clear this all up, I suppose it will take time.I do hope that you can get it sorted soon.
  9. Hi, and thanks for your replies and good luck wishes.I will be strict with myself and really have a go.and yes I did have to look up "Agglutinative"
  10. I hope not to bore you at all , but feel the need to explain a few things, and yes I will eventually get to the subject in hand. .I retired early, about 14 years ago, full of ideas to keep myself busy....as one does...... in the first year I taught myself a fair amount of Greek, it took me a year and I did very well, even if I do say so myself. I was very strict with myself and alloted a certain amount of time per day and dedicated it to the task.As we only went once a year to Greece for a holiday, I only used it once a year and soon forgot what I had worked so hard to learn.The same thing happend years later when I did a 3 year course of evening classes for French, I did well but didn't get to use it ...so lost it. Although my French is better than my Greek !!!!!Now, we have bought an apartment in Turkey and although for the first year it will only be a holiday retreat, after that we are looking to live most, if not all of our time there. I totally believe that "when in Rome" or this case Turkey, do as the Turkish people do. SSOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo........ Please can I have some advise. I am now 64 (going on twenty...oh all right thirty tut) and things have changed and not just the bits going south!!!!!!! I can handle that.Its the brain thing, I find it so hard to retain anything that I have learned. I need structure and dont know where to find it or rather how to do it.I really intend to do this, just need some real help on how to be serious about it. One more point. I found out when I was doing the French that my English was not the best it could be when it came to "Past parcibles etc " !!!!!!!!!!As I say I am a complete virgin Re: Turkish.H.E.L.P
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