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  1. Thanks for your reply Ken. I appreciate Im not required to have health insurance at age 65 but I’m nervous about not having any. What I’m trying to establish is whether or not I can access SGK immediately once I have my RP next month. Or do I have to wait a year? In another forum a Kalkan resident tells me that at age 65 he was able to access SGK as soon as he got his RP. I wonder if SGK offices in different areas have different interpretation of the regulations. I guess I need to call in to speak to them . Thanks again.
  2. Thank you for such a quick reply. I was concerned that there might be a 12 month ”waiting period” before I could join SGK but it appears this isn’t the case. thanks again, Peter
  3. My wife and I have had a place in Kalkan for many years and have decided to apply for residency when we return next week. At age 65 I am having a problem finding a health insurance company offering affordable cover and wonder if anyone can help with a solution. SGK doesn’t require over 65s to have health insurance to qualify for the Residency Permit but does anyone know if I can join SGK at 65 without having to buy private health cover for my first year of residency?
  4. You are correct. There would be zero chance of him making a contribution . We have just come to accept the situation now and any additional costs incurred from time to time are picked up by the British Owners - this would be the same with any insurance costs. thanks again, peter
  5. Hello again, the Turkish owner pays a reduced fee because he does not wish to contribute to the maintenance of the swimming pool/gardens and so his tenant is not allowed to use those facilities. Peter
  6. Hi IbrahimAbi, thank you for your response. Unfortunately, there is no formal management committee as such as this is a small development of only four apartments and one of them is owned by a Turkish gentlemen who has no interest in cooperating in such matters. The three British owners liaise and make decisions regarding the property and our Property Manager works to our instructions. Thanks again, Regards Peter
  7. Hello All, I own an apartment in Kalkan which is one of four apartments in a single building with a shared pool. Three of the owners are from the UK, the fourth is Turkish. Two of the three UK owners insure buildings and contents locally in Turkey whilst my apartment is insured with Intasure but none of the policies provide cover for third party liability in respect of the common areas and swimming pool. Intasure have refused requests for the cover and say they would only provide it if all the owners were British and all insure with them. There must be many many apartment owners in this situation and I have seen reference to the issue in old posts both on here and in other forums , but nothing recent. Does anyone here know of Insurance Companies who can help with this? Many thanks in anticipation, Peter
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