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  1. Moving to Turkey?

    Yes Istanbul is too crowded- even the people that moved out to the single villa suburbs a decade ago to places like KenerBurgaz are now leaving- mostly for foreign shores- recently there is some movement into Riva on the black sea coast...but along the south western coast you should maybe try an area near Foca north of Izmir, or maybe Dalyan near Dalaman or maybe even Kemer near Antalya (if you do not mind Russian neighbors); other more remote places include the Datca peninsula outside of Marmaris, or outside of Kas either up in the hills or on the way to Kale/Demre.. these places all have natural beauty in abundance, clean environment and reasonably good local produce, tranquility and natural habitat ideal for dog, and access to some reasonably sophisticated civilisation nearby (by Turkish standards)... Definitely dont buy in Esenyurt, Beylikduzu... these are not actually in Istanbul but some distance away, you can find much better prices than that offered, and you will never rent it at the rates mentioned- it will be the biggest mistake you ever made, buying in one of these satellite construction sites they call suburbs of Istanbul... and centre of Istanbul like Taksim or Sisli is no place for a dog...finding green space for a doggie walk is a real endeavor- forget free running...
  2. Information about Turkey

    I heard from some locals that the Turkish army reserve officers have been called up and the enlisted men are expected to be called up in the next week or two- something like a general mobilisation? Did I undrstand correctly? Does anyone else have any information on this?