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  1. I actually went to Nufus two times myself.the first time I had no idea and I went there at evening and they told me that you need an appointment so I called them at 199 and they told me that if you go there before 8 in the morning they will give you an appointment themselves. So I went there at 7 am waited till 10 am and they did gave me an appointment but when I went to the guy that worked there he said we can't do it for foreigners now.don't ever trust 199 they are thief's honestly
  2. Recently Turkish government decided to change the driving license appointment system (Randevu) from Emniyet to Nufus and before it was really easy to get appointment from the Emniyet website and it only took few seconds. But now since they changed it from 2nd of April the Nufus system doesn't work for citizens of other countries and they can't apply for a drivers license. I wanted to know if anyone is experiencing the same issue
  3. So here is thing .according to the researches that i made from living four years in this country you should first go to one of the Istanbul's driving institutes and provide them your documents such as your ( Criminal records,health certificate ,school certificate and an eye sight test and few photos of yourself) and you get to train with them and complete the first aid test.theory test and other stuff that they require from you.and after you pass all the tests you should bring everything and give it to a police station or something like that. but whats in my mind is that i want to get my criminal record from Istanbul without going to my home country ( Iran ) . according to what you said in your articles i can just go to Emniyet and ask them for a criminal record for my license .. is that true ?
  4. So I have just received my Turkish residence permit and I wanted to apply for a Turkish driving license. I haven't had any driving license so im a new driver.also I checked that they need my school certificate and sone other stuff which I already have.but the thing it says they also need criminal record check for getting driving license. Where should I get the criminal record for driving license?
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