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  1. Hello i was told to contact you.My husband married me here in the USA we had a child together he wanted to leave our child his home in Izmir Turkey.I need to know where the house is? and if his family sold it.It seems like his family wants to keep my usa daughter a secret because this way no one knows about her.I need help here with this.

  2. Question Regarding Inheritance

    Hello. I need a little help legal advice and help.I married a Turkish man here in the USA. He told me before he died that he wanted our daughter who was born here in the USA his house in Izmir.I don't know how much properties he had and money but his sister seems to want to take this from my daughter.She never wanted my daughter to come to Turkey and they seem very distant. I also believe she is influencing her mom not to love my daughter . He never wrote anything in writing before he died.One time i said we were going to come there and she took the baba anne from the house so my daughter doesn't see her and put her in her house to live. I thought it was odd.I need to find out how much properties and money he had. How can i do this. I am very poor and need this help .