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  1. yes, Im talking about terrace ada, but I cant trust google addresses, unfortunately its often wrong and my documents is very important, dont want to lost them.. I need someone who can Help me in clarification. I fond different addresses in internet: 1. Ege Mahallesi, Ada Sk., 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın 2. ege evleri sitesi, 09 400 kusadasi audin 3. Ege Mahallesi 408 Sk. No:6 Gallerium Çallı Sitesi which is correct from here? and which is for terrace ada? maybe you live in kusadasi, help me to certificate this, please
  2. hello friends, please help me if you can: I need strict address one building from kusadasi: terraca ada. I need to send in this building post from georgia or call to administrator. cant find strict address of this building. can someone help me to find terraca adas administrators phone number? or find postal code and directly address ? thanks for advance. P. S. I was searching in internet sure, but, there is no strict address.
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