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  1. Thanks for the information. I'm confused though and have a few questions. "a document to show that you no longer want to continue with the residence permit application" Is this in regard to someone that wants to cancel their application before its denied and depart the country and they will only get their money in a turkish bank account and have to send it offshore if they've left and/or return to turkey again to access? Or after it's denied? Is it in regards to a refund for the 1 year they did not get but paid 2 years for the renewal application (980try in my case instead of 450 or so)
  2. Three police officers stayed for half an hour and wrote down a letter that me and my other housemate signed, saying we lived there, the house was a positive place, that i worked online and did not work in Turkey etc. I'm applying for my 3rd RP, another renewal. I've applied for 2 years this time. Is it normal? I should mention my card expires 23rd August, but i applied on 20th august and got appointment on 27th of august. They mentioned to apply before the expiry date next time, but I'm still unsure if they had visited because of the expired date OR because i have an application under processing, I'm concerned though, i generally only give documents only when i am asked and just let the immigration officer ask for what he requires, so he did not ask for financial information and did not ask for an undertaking when submitting my renewal. I simply gave real estate type of form saying i lived at the address, and of course my application and insurance. SO maybe they flagged my application for me to be visited by police to confirm my residence address and get an undertaking. Should I go back to immigration office in Izmir and give them more documents? i currently have the temporary residence permit paper and receipt they gave me and maybe i stupidly thought it was all approved and i just needed the card mailed, but i just feel after police visited you, very worried. Another question, if your 2 year renewal is only given 1 year, do you get half the price refunded (cause i payed double) or can you get the amount added to the following year? Maybe it's too complex for the computer system though!
  3. 10 months on from this post, just curious, did he get a refund on half the price of the amount? I payed for 2 years, and i'm concerned i'll only get 1 year. Would be nice to have the amount carry over to the next years application. But maybe that's too complex a task for the system.
  4. Cheers for the response. Like most peoples applications, there are a lot of complex personal circumstances that effect my renewal. I'm not out of the country actually, but im in Mersin with friend, far from Izmir for the next 2-3 months, hence why i thought all this time that i will mail my new rental contract in as part of the application, that my landlord will give me. Instead now i'm reading that i need the "Yerleşim Yeri ve Diğer Adres Belgesi" which i unfortunately can't get unless i travel pretty far. I was under the assumption that Izmir does not do renewal interviews and i wouldn't need to go back for awhile. edit: I will add something though if you won't mind offering some advice for my confusion. I basically have two options because my short term residence expires august 23, but I have a wedding to go back to Australia to in Oct 27 and will stay for 2-3 months. A. Try and get this renewal done with the above complications, then leave Turkey on October 20 to return in January with August 23, 2019 expiration of new renewed short term residence. Drawback is having to renew 7 months after returning to Turkey B. Leave Turkey August 23 and return to Turkey on a 90 day visa in January (100 USD) and apply short term residence after 90 days which will be valid until April 1 2020. Drawback is leaving partner (and pet) for 4-5 months, but easier than going through this bloody renewal stuff for a long time.
  5. I never saw any information about reporting my address to the Nufus Ve Vatandaslik Isleri Genel Mudurlugu after I got my first Ikamet, as reported in the FAQ on this website. So I never did this before 20 business days. So i'm wondering if something has happened to my Residence Permit? Is there a problem? I never got any mail or email so it's probably fine? Second Question: Im currently on summer Holiday away from my rental property and will be for the next 2 -3 months. My short term residence permit expires in 40 days, so i do not want to go to the local Nufus to get a place of residence document (it's a long way away) - can i mail a one year rental contract instead like I did when I first got the short term residence? I do not want to go to the Nufus to get a Yerleşim Yeri ve Diğer Adres Belgesi in the next two months. It's 2 days of travel and costs to do that unfortunately. Under the Ikamet required documents it does not mention anything about the Yerlesim Yeri ve Diger Adres Belgesi and only mentions this: Also it suggests 4 photos, but on the turkeycentral guide it says 2. Also it says notarazed photocopy of passport, but on turkey central it doesnt say anything about notarizing passport photocopy.
  6. After a lot of stress about the best way to send my 7500 USD to Turkey without incurring annoying EFT costs or the instability of shifting large amounts of money around to different countries banking systems, I decided i'd just go to the interview in Izmir with my foreign savings bank statement and if they needed me to notarise and translate it or send it to Turkish bank account, I could do that on the day or in the 30 days they would have given to get my documentation, But it turns out everything was fine and my interviewer spoke better English than I did and accepted my bank statements. So now I have my short term residence permit without needing a Turkish bank account to send money to and it was very easy! They did ask me about the Turkish bank account and I just said i'd had some difficulty opening an account currently (which was true) One thing I also voluntarily did was print out an everyday foreign bank account i used for free international debit card purchases that listed all of the places i'd shopped aka MIGROS, CAREFOUR, BIMS etc and explained that I used my foreign account for shopping, which could've helped them see that i didn't need a Turkish account. Additional tip: My health insurance was with SOMPO JAPAN and it cost me 209 TRY as a 30-35 year old, they had people standing outside the offices offering the insurance, however i bought it somewhere earlier.
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