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  1. Divorce in turkey

    Hello, I was married in turkey 7 years ago to a Turkish man and I am a uk citizen . I have recently divorced in turkey. Is the divorce reconised in the U.K. Thnaks
  2. Turkish divorce 300 days

    Hello Ceren, thanks for your advice , do I need to do this even though I am English ? Thnnak you
  3. Turkish divorce 300 days

    I need help ! I am from the uk and I have recently got my Turkish I divorce from my Turkish husband , I have been split from him for 6 years but it has been a nightmare to get him to agree to the divorce! But at last that is over with . I want to remarry a Turkish man, does the 300 days waiting for a female after divorce still stand. If it does will they accept a medical to confirm not pregnant to marry ? Some peoeple say it only stands for a Turkish woman and I am not, please help