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  1. Thank you all for your replies.
  2. Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. I have been considering moving to Turkey. I have a few questions in my mind and i would appreciate if people living in Turkey or have knowledge would comment and share there experiences. 1) I am confused about which city to move to. Yes i have read about people's experiences experiences on various forums. I have a few cities in my mind. Of course there are multiple factors one has to keep in mind. What I am looking for in a place? Not too crowded nor a ghost town. I am pretty much inclined towards Fetihye but then again I have read its mostly elderly expat community in Fetihye. 2) So the options I am left with are Fetihye( Oludeniz,Sedekmir), Kusadasi, Bodrum, Antalya & Didim(or even Bursa). The reason is obviously because of its economical prices. My budget is under 1,20,000 USD for a 3 bedroom villa. I can not compromise on living in an apartment as I have a dog which will be moving with me. Why am I mentioning the dog? Because the country I am living in...is not a pet friendly country and dogs are considered to be unholy.... I had to move recently from my previous house because the owner was quite upset as I had brought a dog in and GOD forbid his house had become filthy and impure. So I was left with two options either "throw away the dog" or move out. Location of the house was outstanding as it was located infront of a huge beautiful park. The only reason I prefered that house was because of its location and i had taken that house on lease for my elderly parents so they could enjoy the view. I have noticed that a lot of villas in Turkey do not have boundaries? Again I am concerned for the pooch as I need him to roam around in the yard freely without any problems. 3) I am also thinking about investing in a couple of apartments in Istanbul region (Not in the middle but not too far away either) Areas which seem affordable to me are Esenyurt, Beylikduzu. I was offered an apartment by a real estate agent based in Istanbul for 1 + 1 apartment/daire for 79,000 USD which was quite expensive imo as I had managed to find cheaper apartments in the same area on sahibinden. Also the real estate guy told me that i could easily put the aparment on rent for 1000 USD per month (Which was hard to digest) And no the aparment wasn't located in the city centre! As I understand some people do pay 750 USD near the Taksim/Sissly area in istanbul. My question is how realistic is it if i would go for 2 apartments in istanbul ranging between (200000-300000 Turkish Lira) and put them on rent? Is it realistic to earn a decent amount 3500-4000 Turkish Lira per month? Sorry for the long post but I am new to this forum and would like to gather as much information i can. As I need to decide asap if moving to Turkey is for me or not!
  3. How friendly is Turkey when jt comes to dogs? Would appreciate if someone would share there experience moving to Turkey with there dogs? Any trouble at the airport etc?
  4. There is another solid website called sahibinden.com. Seems like the turkish version of ebay.
  5. Strange...because i am also thinking to move to Turkey and this whole concept of buying the property before getting a residence permit is kind of tricky. Also i find it quite interesting that how can one open a bank account in Turkey on a tourist visa?
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