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  1. Thanks for replying Ken. Next year I would probably only be in Turkey for a week or two at the most in April and then again middle of July to middle October hopefully. I think I read somewhere you'd posted about a short term residence permit, would this be something I could apply for and be likely to get while there in the summer on visitors visa? Sorry for all the questions
  2. I'm planning on coming back to Turkey next month (September) but my visa runs out on 30th September! Am I correct in thinking that I can leave Turkey on 30th the day it runs out? Also I will hopefully be coming back sometime in April next year and also looking to come back for 3-4 months in the summer. A new visa for April should be no problem but if I come back in the summer this will take me over the 90 days allowed in 180. What would my options be? Am I correct in thinking that to apply for another tourist visa I would have to leave the country for a day and come back? Or would an
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