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  1. Today I got my all family residence permit as my husband not here so I have power of attorney to take his residence card. My two children have father name as a surname so it's OK but elder child have not father name as surname, now the post office say that on child passport is only father name written not mother name so father come to receive the card otherwise you bring power of attorney that father allow mother to receive the resident card. Now child's father is out of country how can I get his power of attorney or any other solution of this problem please let me know.
  2. Nour


    Hello everyone I want to know about the beylikdüzü to live, how is this area for a family with school going girls. Thanks Nour
  3. Nour

    School Admission

    Hi Can someone please share with me the whole process to get admission in public schools(here in Turkey), my appointment is in next month before this kids could start their school. And which documents required for admission. Please reply me, Thanks
  4. Nour

    Public schools

    Hello everyone We are here now in istanbul, public secondary school and high schools are starting from which class ,my kids are in 7,4 and3rd grade ,they need middle school or high schools also have middle school classes. Thanks
  5. Yes you are right ken sir, so children's birth certificates are required or not required in Turkey for any purpose
  6. Hello everyone It's very urgent and I didn't understand anywhere that children birth certificate also required for short term residence permit Actually I am from Pakistan but as living in KSA from longtime my children birth certificate are issued from Riyadh and still not attested from foreign office. So it could be a big problem for us in Turkey, for getting residence permit or school admission. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone I want to know that which area is good and safe for living in istanbul for a family of only mother with three school going kids(girls) must be reasonable not too expensive i think Istanbul form is good option for advice because we will transfer to istanbul in next week
  8. Oh,no, the club is full I got this answer
  9. Hi, which district is good for family residence in Istanbul and Ankara ,As i leave my family (wife and 3 kids ) in Turkey for some time on long term residence.kids (girls) are school going so which area is safe for living in Istanbul and Ankara. i need reviews for both cities. thanks
  10. That's the good suggestion that taking private Turkish lesson before starting the school, is there any academy type private centres for learning Turkish for all ages where girls and mom learn together ?and one take how much time to learn basic Turkish, is this easy to learn? The city for moving is Ankara or Istanbul ,preferably Istanbul. Thanks
  11. Thanks Ibrahim, I am looking for the schools in Turkish language , my daughters speak English, they will take time to learn Turkish but will succeed In Sha Allah. i am just afraid from the state schools behaviour with foreign students . also I hear some stories about beating and having rude behaviour of teachers in state schools,is this true?
  12. Hi everyone, i just want to know about the schools in Turkey for foreigners ,is there some private schools same as public schools but with good environment and only in Turkish language? how is public schools in Turkey for foreign (Pakistani) female students?
  13. Thanks for your reply sir fener,. It's okay I can understand your concerns about security It's now just upto the school location where I find a good school I will move on that city.
  14. Hello sir , Fener Eniste Can you please share the link of that privat school,it would be very helpful as we are not in the country(Turkey) from outside of country finding good school is a really big problem. Thanks
  15. Well now i want to know about your experience because this post is 2year back ,now please share your experience about public school for non Turks,Thanks
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