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  1. Because I have visited many countries and I found the Turkish people as best loving people in the world especially for Pakistanis. I love history and Turkish History is very inspirational for me. That's Why Turkish is my second Home. I love Turkey as I love my Homeland Pakistan. These are the main reasons, I chose Turkey to get marry.
  2. I think you didn't know the meaning of "cultural" Cultural does not mean Uneducated Cultural does not mean restrictions Cultural does not mean Village people In my Post I didn't mention that I want " Uneducated, Village, restricted" girl. My mean about cultural is She have to know that what she is, what her parents was, what her grand parents was...... She should have to know about Turkish culture that how people was living before. She should have to be a educated girl. I am a Software Engineer and still studying MS Software Engineering. After Studying 17 Year Do you think that I will chose an uneducated girl. Don't be negative..........
  3. Hi..... I am new here on this forum. I want a Turkish cultural girl to marry. I am from Pakistan. I Love Turkey. <3 I have my own business. Currently I am in UAE. I will come back to Istanbul-Turkey in December. Can some one tell me how I can get a Turkish cultural girl (not Modern) as my future wife. I have not any girlfriend before and still single. Actually I am week in making new relations that's why I need your suggestions. please help me to find my soulmate.
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