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  1. Very belatedly fulfilling my promise above to post on this forum about what finally happened with my temporary residency application. As we were only staying for 2 months beyond the three month tourist visa I was reluctant to pay for an annual health insurance so decided to go to the appointment I had made in Kas with just my travel insurance details and if I was ordered to get the full year in country health insurance to do it then. I was indeed told that I required a full year's health insurance with a Turkish company (as others on this forum had already pointed out) but the officer in Kas a
  2. Great thanks very much, very good of you to check on my behalf, I have contacted Ankara Sigorta for a quote for a family policy, assuming it isn't all sorted by tomorrow I will just give my current insurance details and then correct them at the appointment.
  3. Thanks Graham much appreciated, I may just go down the route of leaving my travel insurance policy number on the application when I book the appointment tomorrow, but as my intention is to book the appointment for the end of the month I can make sure that I've got the right insurance sorted by then. Thanks also for raising the issue re: insurance for a child, I hadn't really considered that the requirements there might be different - if anyone can advise re that would be much appreciated.
  4. The seemingly never ending saga of my residency application comntinues :-) I now have all applications completed online and an apostilled birth certificate in the post from the UK. All I need to do is book the appointment, however at the last minute I have just realised that I was making a naive assumption that my travel insurance policy would cover me for my two month residency application. As this does not appear to be the case can you advise me what is the best course of action to follow (bearing in mind that I need to book the meeting appointment by tomorrow at the latest). Should I focus
  5. Sorry me again ... apologies if I am repeating a question that has already been answered but just wanted to confirm that even if I pick a date for my interview which is a month away (ie over 3 weeks after my tourist visa expires) there will still be no problem with staying in the country until the appointment? Might the authorities not expect me to pick one of the nearest available dates - will I need to offer any justification for why I have picked a late date (the actual reason would be the time I need to get my son's apostilled replacement birth certificate from the UK) Also incidental
  6. Thanks Graham that is very helpful, we are in Kalkan so our appointment will be in Kaş I believe. Thanks for the tip off re: the birth certificate issue I am in the process of arranging for the replacement to be sent to my parent's place in England so am waiting until it is clear how long that will take before booking the appointment. Maybe the back up document you refer to is the apostille which I also need to arrange in the UK? If your friend is able to shed any further light on that I'd be very grateful.
  7. Thanks again Ken - I feel confident knowing that we can stay beyond the tourist visa that I have got plenty of time to sort the necessary documentation from the UK. The income bit still confuses me slightly as they use this odd term on the application site "financial possibility" but I think they are only referring to income rather than savings both on the drop down box and on the box below where you can can type in a monthly income figure. It is very reassuring to hear that you had no problems with entering a zero. I will share my experiences on this forum as soon as I have completed th
  8. Many thanks Ken both for this reply and for all the other very helpful information you have shared in articles and replies on this forum. If I could push my luck with a couple of supplementary questions... 1. I assume there is some facility to make just one appointment to cover all 3 of us (rather than having to book 3 separately) - is this correct? 2. I have recently quit my job so am having to put down £0 on the pages relating to income - I can evidence substantial savings in a UK bank account which would clearly cover much longer than the 2 month period of temporary residency that
  9. First of all, thanks for compiling such an enormously helpful site - by far the best resource on Turkish visas / residency permits that I have come across. My wife, son and I are just about to apply for short term residency permits in order to extend our 3 month stay as tourists by a further two months. As our tourist visas run out on 9th September I am slightly concerned that I have left our applications too late especially with the forthcoming 10 day bayram, although from what I have seen on this forum it appears that we would be OK to stay in Turkey even if our tourist visa has expired
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