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  1. Merhaba everyone, my fiancé was in ibstabal army for a months, I just don't know what he doing out there. We only together 5 month but we just engaged. So he have to go army for 12 month then this 25 September he have to go Hakkari çukurca. He was apply for chief cooking but he didn't do anything at army all he traning is gun, carry 30kg bag, run for 30 miles so he doing mountain training.. I was quite confused, if anyone been through like that or anything you know who have been Hakkari çukurca. I thought he doing traning for 12 month. But he told me he traning 1 or 2 month then staight away to war? He only 21... with ppk Kurdish.. I am not sure if that true.. I been spoken to my mother about that as she told me not worry he only traning in boot camp not front line of war I was like okay, but he told me he going to war.. :L Everyday I am worried of him everyday. I am going see him next Friday for 10 day spend time then won't able see him for 10 month. i just don't know what to do... many thanks
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