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  1. Cukurbagli, you said 'when the authorities find out you will definitely be banned from returning for at least five years'... are you for certain on this or is that a guess? I mean.. I have read thru this site and see that others have had very long overstays and it seems that the 5 years thing is for people who have really done some way out bad stuff. And it also seems that is the max time they will ban... so again I am asking are you like for sure this is the time frame because you are a police officer or have a friend that works with this kind of thing? I am not trying to sound mean but I want to get answers, not opinions. Also, I read somewhere on this site that there is a way to pay a fine when you return to your home country. Does anyone know if that is true?
  2. This is a little bit of a crazy happening. I arrived in Turkey 4 years ago. I had a job at a school in istanbul and they did not offer a work visa. That was fine with me. I thought I would only stay one year. then after two years I moved to İzmir. my visa was to be renewed but ı did not have the funds to do it, so I let it lapse. My thought was that I would save the cash and leave for some time and then come back after a year or so. now the visa is over by two years and I am working as a private teacher and money is low. as in so low that some days I cant afford to eat. I had a friend that moved to izmir and we took a flat together. Now that the school year has ended , he left without paying me back for the 3 months rent I paid and he also didnt pay for the June rent. the landlord was sympathetic to the situation but now it is July and I still owe for June and now July. so here are my questions. 1. about the rent... is there a way that I can legally extend my time to pay? I mean should I have a friend explain in Turkish to them that I have lost most of my students due to the summer and ask them to let me pay like as much as I can each week? what are your thoughts on that working? they are very nice ppl... 2. seeing as how I have no family back in the states ( raised in foster homes and set out on my own a few years back) I have no one to ask for money help to get out of here... so could I like go to the embasy and tell them that I have overstayed and they send me back to the US? will they allow me to take my things with me? will I be arrested? could I ever come back to Turkey if I do this? thanks in advance for the help even though it is bad all around and I am at a loss every day on what to do
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