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  1. Firstly Im sorry for the really long post, have no one to talk to as im in the middle of closest people to me. I have previously been with a turkish man for 3 years, he was a very genuine man, cane to england to visit twice, my family loved him and he loved them, very much like a son. In the end it turned ugly, I grew bored of the relationship and left him whilst I was living in Turkey with him. I didn't leave Turkey because we had a dog and the plan was he'd come to England with me... whilst living in turkey by myself I found myself dating someone else, another Turkish guy (please view these as not the stereo typical english girl meets turkish guy relationships) The new guy and me pretty much were smitten by the day we met, and lived together pretty much since the day we met, he is from a well off Turkish family, very polite, very genuine, I am part of his family and have ended up staying in Turkey living with him and marriage is being planned and starting a family is on the table. However, due to my previous relationship my family are being cautious... they were very open with my last boyfriend they dont want to open up again to someone new to have me leave them again, which I understand. But over the last few months they began to warm to our relationship, talking to us both on skype etc... THEN, my boyfriend went and invited them to Turkey to attend his sisters wedding. I knew they would not come, their last holiday to Turkey was disasterous, sorting out my breakup etc they purely wanted to for a break somewhere else.... which they are doing. My boyfriend finds this very rude, and he is very upset by it. He spoke to my mum via skype as to why they are not coming and the convo got pretty heated, their personalties clash I'd say, he was somewhat disrespectful considering she is my mother but I am in the middle as I know how much he wanted them to come introduce our families to one another as his family are all over 3 different cities etc... his is really upset and expressed this to her completley the wrong way, she is now very upset as she was warming to him... I can't ever see them having a relationship not even similar to my ex and them. We were planning on going to england to visit them this winter and eventually live with them while we set up life, but how things are now I can never see that happening, he is not the kind to say sorry... I am starting to think are we better off just carrying on living in turkey, as I am adapted to the culture anyway, and our relationship alone is very happy. My family love me unconditionally and only wish for me to be happy, they would respecet my decisio to live here and maybe one day in the future everyone will come together... Please share if you have experienced anything like this...
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