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  1. Thank you. Yes it does make sense and no I dont have time for a man like this. I deserve better than this
  2. Hi Ken Thank you for your reply. He did not ask for money. But as you said he did say that he is in a different situation now the second time I returned to Turkey. After a few days. I am not in Turkey now. I returned a day after he told me this. I was supposed to stay for the summer. I told him yesterday that maybe I could get him some money if I had proof to show my father. I have no intention of showing my father. Today he sent me documentation from his ing bank. Showing his wages. His money coming in and money going out. Each month. Everything he said he was paying. He is.I could see the credit bank lodgement.He also showed me the court letter saying that a quater of his wages will go to his son until he reaches 18 years old. And proof that he has to pay the wifes attorney. Another quater of his salary goes to her for 5 years. The only documentation that I need to see is the lawyer that the credit bank gave the problem to. So I can verify his story. I have not given him money. I really want to know the truth. Maybe I am only a way out to him but I can play the game. I will let him think that I am doing my best here to help him. The truth always comes out in the end.
  3. Help please. I need to know if this man is telling me the truth. I recently had a long holiday in Turkey. I did not go to find love. I found a very nice Turkisk man. We spent 4 weeks together while he worked as normal. I knew that he was divorced and paying alimony and also paying for his wifes attorney? This was taken from his wages each month. Half his wages. 1/4 for alimony and 1/4 for the lawyer his wife got. 2 years before. I didn't know until my 2nd return that he had also borrowed from a credit bank pronunced guarantee in English. He got 10,000 tl. 7 months ago. Never made 5 payments and they got a lawyer to get the money back. After interest was now 30,000 tl. To be taken from his wages for 10 years. Leaving him just 300tl?????? Can this be true. I want to believe him but he has no evidence on paper. I asked him does he have a book from the credit bank. He said he lost it. He has changed mood completely and doesn't feel like living. He is depressed. I NEED ADVICE
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