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  1. I have a question regarding to the tourist visa in Turkey. I am a German citizen and entered turkey in September with my ID card. I went out in the beginning of December, I stayed 70 days on my ID card. 

    Now, I came back last week and entered with my passport.

    Theoretically I only have 20 days left. 

    Will there be a connection between my ID card and passport? Or will it just have new 90 days on my passport? 

    Would be nice if anyone would have an idea about it.

  2. i just moved to Ankara and i am looking for a job at the moment. 

    I have a short time residency permit but will change it if working possibility will turn up. 

    Now my question is: does anyone know working places where they need German speakers? like teacher or something like this.

    I am from Germany and speak English and i have a bachelor of engineering (Geoinformatic). I already applied at some European NGOs based in Ankara.

    Basically i am flexible about cities. Maybe someone has some information for me.

  3. i have a German passport and stayed in the beginning of the year 2 months in Turkey. Now i am back to turkey and have one month left on my 90 days in 180 days.

    If i understand it correctly it counts from the first day of arrival. Now, i am planning to stay 2,5 months in Turkey. Between the 90th day of my stay and the end of 180 days is a gap of 3 weeks. one option would be to go out of Turkey for this time, but since my girlfriend is living here i am looking for a way to be able to stay inside the country.

    1) what are the consequences if i overstay 3 weeks? would the 180 days start automatically or would i need to do a visa run? Does north Cyprus work for this?

    2) A Friend told me to apply for a residency. While the process is going on i can(actually have to) stay inside the country. He said apply in the end and before it is getting to a interview or payment the three weeks will be over and i can cancel the application. 

    Does anyone has an idea if it could work? Or maybe there are some official ways for this cases.

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