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  1. I have a question regarding to the tourist visa in Turkey. I am a German citizen and entered turkey in September with my ID card. I went out in the beginning of December, I stayed 70 days on my ID card. Now, I came back last week and entered with my passport. Theoretically I only have 20 days left. Will there be a connection between my ID card and passport? Or will it just have new 90 days on my passport? Would be nice if anyone would have an idea about it.
  2. Thanks for the answer Ken. It would have only been a possibility if i would get some benefits out of it.
  3. Hallo everyone, I am married with a turkish woman and i have at the moment a short time permit. We are figuring out things at the moment and i looking at options. I could change my status to Family Residence Permit, but since my wife has no income can she proof insufficient income? Do i get a working permit same time? Thank you very much Timmy
  4. I wonder if someone can tell me about a swimming pool in Ankara, preferably in or near Çankaya. Just a simple one without slides, etc.
  5. i just moved to Ankara and i am looking for a job at the moment. I have a short time residency permit but will change it if working possibility will turn up. Now my question is: does anyone know working places where they need German speakers? like teacher or something like this. I am from Germany and speak English and i have a bachelor of engineering (Geoinformatic). I already applied at some European NGOs based in Ankara. Basically i am flexible about cities. Maybe someone has some information for me.
  6. Okay thank you will have a look at the text. Another question: if i overstay and my passport is getting checked(these days it happens quiet often) what will happen? Will they only check my name or also visa? And what will they say if i don't have a valid visa?
  7. i have a German passport and stayed in the beginning of the year 2 months in Turkey. Now i am back to turkey and have one month left on my 90 days in 180 days. If i understand it correctly it counts from the first day of arrival. Now, i am planning to stay 2,5 months in Turkey. Between the 90th day of my stay and the end of 180 days is a gap of 3 weeks. one option would be to go out of Turkey for this time, but since my girlfriend is living here i am looking for a way to be able to stay inside the country. 1) what are the consequences if i overstay 3 weeks? would the 180 days start automatically or would i need to do a visa run? Does north Cyprus work for this? 2) A Friend told me to apply for a residency. While the process is going on i can(actually have to) stay inside the country. He said apply in the end and before it is getting to a interview or payment the three weeks will be over and i can cancel the application. Does anyone has an idea if it could work? Or maybe there are some official ways for this cases.
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