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  1. Hello! I have another doubt that just crossed my mind. I work as a freelance vendor manager with an American company. I need to indicate this information in my application as a source of income. Would it be a god idea to receive my payments to the Turkish bank account I will create? Would they consider it a plus in terms of source of income? Because otherwise I receive it to my Spanish bank account. As a freelancer I do not have a contract, only monthly purchase orders. Also I am planning to request the permit for an initial 4 months. Then if all goes well, am I allowed to request an extension? Any advice? Thank you!
  2. Ok! Thanks for the advice. I will wait then until I am there.
  3. Good morning! Sorry that I keep coming back with more questions. I am trying to make an appointment in August at the DGMM Fethiye but the last date in the calendar is July 14th (screenshot attached). I also have the option to choose Mugla or Bodrum DGMM, but both are quite far from where I'll be staying (Oludeniz, Fethiye). If Mugla DGMM is one of the options I can see, does it mean that I can make an appointment there as well? Or am I only allowed to choose Fethiye? Thanks again for all your help!
  4. Hello! I am trying to access my application in order to complete it but I get the error below: Sistemde teknik bir hata oluştu, Hata Kodu: 9f1e740d-6f55-4917-b9d2-afb9b4634b4c It seems that there is a technical issue. Is this happened before to any of you? Thank you!
  5. Sure thing! I am planning to have my appointment by mid August. So I will surely let you know how it goes
  6. Great! Good to know. So no need to bring an interpreter with me. Thanks!
  7. Hello again, I know I have asked many questions, but this is my 1st application and this is why I have a lot of doubts. Do you know if they speak English at the DGMM Fethiye? Or should I look for an interpreter to go with me? Thank you!!!
  8. Hello! I am trying to choose an appointment at the DGMM Fethiye, but the last date on the calendar is July 17th and no other dates are shown after that. However, I've had a look at the DGMM Mugla and Bodrum and the calendar works fine. Any idea about I cannot see the rest of July or the next months to make an appointment at DGMM Fethiye? Thank you!
  9. Good morning, I have a question about the rental contract. I believe any contract will be in Turkish language, correct? Thanks!
  10. Wonderful! That's good to know. Thank you! For the tax office, do I need to make an appointment?
  11. Hello again, I have a few more doubts: - Do you know any notary in Fethiye area who speaks English? I'll need one to notarise my rental contract - Any suggestions about banks in Turkey? I'll need one with low commission % for international transfers and that has an online banking in English. Thank you!!
  12. Thank you, Cukurbagli! In that case, it is better to request the residence all by myself to avoid any problems. I will get back to you if any more doubts about the process. Thank you, Ibrahim! I understand your point.
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