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  1. thanks for good wish , i hope everything gonna be better and sure i will tell u what will happen
  2. i think there is point i couldn't to explain well , sure i will apply for visa but the point that i couldn't explain is duration of ban bcz yesterday was 5/15 it mean that i completed 9 months in ban , and i wanted to know duration of my ban bcz i read in turkish rules that ban from 3 months till 9 months
  3. sure i will try to apply again btw im not above rules and i never want to break rules but it came accidentally unfortunately problem that till now embassy doesn't want to say duration of my ban , embassy just wanna me apply again for visa so my question if there is other way like to call police in ankara or airport or send mail
  4. im ahmed from egypt i visited turkey last year and i have been there for 57 days from 15/7/2016 till 11/9/2016 but my visa was for 30 days only as visit type , in airport i was so late for my flight to egypt and i traveled without paying fine 90 tl , i applied for new visa last feb and i got it normally at 2/2/2017 , i went there but at ataturk airport they told me u have ban , u should go bk to cairo and apply again for SPECIAL not normal visa to remove ban then u can come back again , i applied quickly and i didn’t prepare my papers well , so after 1 month i got that i’m rejected , so now what can i do , it so deep humanity situation bcz i have long love story with my turkish girlfriend and we have to live together and start our life i need to know solution also how can i know duration of ban , ONLY 27 DAYS overstaying , also today i complete 9 months ban
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